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Uncrowded Surf Lessons in Maui

One of the things we always try to promote at Maui Surfer Girls is our small class size & ideal surf location.  Who wants to surf with fifty other beginners on softops and angry locals?  We take our students a mile outside the hussle bussel of Lahaina breakwall, where there’s only a handful of friendly locals & a class size that’s no more than 5.  And during Thanksgiving week, we had one extra student cruising on the beach eve’s dropping into our classes.  Sharky calls her, “Stoney”, our part time resident Hawaiian Monk Seal that cruises at “Guardrails” beach where we teach our classes.   We give her plenty of space to relax from her long swim and most recent molting.  A NOAA volunteer putting up signs mentioned that she just gave birth.  We might have another member of the family enjoying the beach with us.  MSG continues to be good stewarts of the ocean — cleaning up beach trash, warning our class and beach goers to give Hawaiian monk seals plenty of space to rest, and not walking on our precious reefs.

Here’s a good shot of her sunbathing.  And note the uncrowded lil’ teaching waves at “Guardrails”.

Maui Surf Lessons | sleeping monk seal
Uncrowded Maui Surf Lessons – so quiet even the monk seals like it!


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