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Tow Surfing “Spartans” – Winter ’08 Waves are Here!

Last weekend Nicole and I fired up my wave runner, “Barbarella”, and took her for a spin on the outer reefs of Kanaha.  The second reef was just breaking enough to be big enough to tow surf.  With help from our lovely neighbour, Rob, we heaved the beach trailer into the water and launched “Barbarella” into the beautiful winter wave wonderland of Maui’s northshore.

My heart always beats through my life jacket when we have to dash through the walls of white water parading in from the horizon.  Timing your approach through the set waves is key. With my finger feathering  the throttle and aiming the nose of the ski straight into whitewater – I’m so stoked to be free again on my ski.

Buzzing down the coast with Nicole catching me up on her life, like we were sitting down for coffee, she yells in my ear.  We slow down to notice at least six tow teams taking turns on the inconsistent sets rolling in.  There’s a patch of four stand up surfers on the inside.  I track down our friend Adam and we chase after him so Nicole can practice shooting from the back of the ski.

We meet Adam and Scott out at the peak and turn off our ski’s.  “Uncle Adam, can you whip me into a couple?”, I ask with a huge grin on my face.  Thankfully he agreed and he towed me into more than a couple waves luckily.  I was starving for a tow session.  Here’s a couple shots from the morning.

Maui Wave Spartans



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