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Teen Surf Camp – Session 1 Day 3

Teen Surf Camp Day 3! 

For our teen surf camp, we take away the phones temporarily, so we wanted to share with family and friends (and anyone who might was to join camp in the future!) what they’ve been up to today! (click on the images to view them larger!)

Gina’s pod heads out for their morning surf session Gina and her surf pod! Surf Instructor Gina is all smiles at the end of an extremely successful surf session – and its only the second day! The girls are already experts at getting in and out of the water!


About Teen Surf Camp

Maui Surfer Girls’ teen surf camp, now in its 16th year, is dedicated to empowering teenage girls through Maui’s water sports and camp programming. Our focus is to teach teen how to surf through a sequential teaching program that is designed to cater to the skills and needs of each camper. While surfing is our main camp activity, we also offer many other adventure and cultural activities to help build a competent and confident camper. Whether skillfully navigate herself on a surfboard or hiking through the West Maui Mountains, our campers gain confidence in their personal strengths and abilities throughout the session.

We strongly believe that with healthy role models, girls can be their best and achieve their goals. The mentorship element of our program provides the girls with one-on-one opportunities to bond with the instructors. Our 3:1 camper to instructor ratios are the best in the industry and sets us apart from our competition.

The instructor/camper relationships are our highest priority, where both physical and emotional safety are created and upheld at a high standard. Adolescent girls are impressionable. Our instructors are conscious of this fact and are professional in their presentation through appropriate dress, behavior, attitudes, and words expressed to the girls. While our instructors are genuine in all interactions with the campers, they will model respect, honest, and again uphold a high level of physical and emotional safety both in and out of the surf.


About Maui Surfer Girls 

Maui Surfer Girls was established in 2001 with a mission to build self-confidence in women through the sport of surfing. Maui Surfer Girls builds life-long bonds through a community of strong female role models and has been recognized nationally for their signature surf camps and year-round surf lessons.

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