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We’ve always been so blessed to have amazing teen girls attend our surf camps. And there’s a tight crew that attend year after year and eventually a few work their way up the MSG corporate ladder:  the CIT program to then land a paid staff position with Maui Surfer Girls.

Gaby Barsotti is something truly special.  She has graced our MSG program for the past six consecutive years! She attended her first Maui camp in 2004 as a 13 year old. She then attended two Costa Rica trips, two Kauai trips, two years of CIT training camps, and this year she’ll be a first year hire as our Cabin Mama and Beach Captain. Like camper turned staffer, Lucy Woodward, Gaby is also the definition of MSG dedication!

I’ve witnessed so much growth in Gaby at MSG! She’s a natural leader, who brings her spunky enthusiasm for our program and a passion for surfing that ignites all the lives she touches. We are so lucky to have Gaby apart of MSG for so many years.
Recently, Gaby took 1st place in girls long boarding in her So Cal high school competition. You go girl!

Here’s our interview with Gab:

1. Tell us a bit about your recent contest win? Do you like competing and would you suggest other MSG’s take their surfing to the competition level?

Hey my fellow Maui Surfer Girls!

I just recently competed in a State Championship Surf Contest for my school Los Alamitos and won 1st Place in woman’s long board. It was all day in beautiful Oceanside, California where we competed against 12 different schools from all around southern Cali. IT WAS AMAZING! I just had a great day getting first in all my heats and just having fun.

I have been competing for 4 years now and I really enjoy it. It is fun way to challenge yourself to the best of your abilities. And trust me, you really can surprise yourself sometimes. So girls if you are looking for a fun challenge sign up for a contest, try it out and if its not your thing they you can at least say you tried. Its worth it!

2. What’s the #1 thing you’re looking forward to at msg this summer and
will you be enacting any new MSG traditions at camp this summer?

I can not wait for MSG 2009! I’m mostly looking forward to putting a permanent smile on ever girls face this year and making sure they get the best waves. I am definitely going to keep the old MSG traditions going but i have a few new ones up my sleeve that will have to stay a surprise!

3. How was your senior year and what are your future plans as a high school graduate?

 My senior year has been fantastic so far with winning my last contest and actually getting nominated for prom queen which can as a total surprise. It has just been a perfect ending to High School but i am definitely ready to take on the big stuff. I will be attending a junior college for a semester and then ill be joining up with Nicole Nakamura on O’ahu and going to school.

4. Any shout outs to the MSGs?

Here’s a little shout out to any returning MSG! I cant wait to see you all!

Here’s some shots of her winning day:

Gaby's hand stand Gaby showin’ off some mad head stand skills she learned at MSG – Who taught her that anyway 🙂

Gaby rippin' Gaby gracefully glides to her 1st place finish on her 8’6 MSG Kazuma!

Gaby's winning smile Gaby Barsotti Gaby’s winning smile!

Gaby and her trophy Gaby Barsotti Thata girl!





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