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Meet the MSG Staff

Meet our Surf Instructors : What makes us so special at Maui Surfer Girls, in my opinion, is our staff.  We’ve been so very fortunate to have some of the best waterwomen and men, and experiential educators working at MSG each year. It’s rare to find people who take pride and passion in what they do, and are willing to go the extra mile for their students no matter what skill level they are at.

All who’ve been apart of our instructional team and camp operations, have been some of the best people I’ve ever known.  They have become my family & I know they are considered family by the girls who’ve been impacted by the staff at the MSG surf camps through the years.  Campers like Lucy Woodward and Gaby Barsotti, have grown up through the camps and have now become apart of the MSG staff team.

Even if you’re signing up for our 2 hour surf lessons, our surf instructors aim to make a lasting impact and give their students more than just the basics of surfing.  Both Jedi and Sharky are amazing at teaching everything from oceanography and respecting our local reefs, to Hawaiian words and the history of surfing.

In honor of these staff members, please check out our staff page.  I put together photo slideshows next to the bios of our current staff members.  I figured a photo is worth a thousand words.  Each slideshow I think captures the spirit of each staff member.  Enjoy!

Maui Surf Instructors | Maui Surf Lessons | Sharkey + Ave
Uncle Sharky ushering in the next generation of surfer girls and guys at our surf lessons!


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