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Maui Surfer Girls of the Month of May

This month we are honoring last years camper, Lauren Pedinoff.  She came to MSG last year after saving up all her money for the past two years!!  She found MSG in 2007 and wanted to attend ever since.  This eager Maui surfer girl left camp with the surfers stoke.  She lives in Orange County, bought a wetsuit on her return from camp, and has braved the cold water ever since.  MSG honors her this month for her positive and tenacious spirit.  Here’s our interview with Lauren.

1   How was your transition from MSG back to the cold waters of Cali?  Did you surf much after camp?  And if so, how was your confidence level after two weeks of camp?  Brrrr!  Wetsuits are your friend. Compared to surfing everyday for two weeks at camp, I didn’t get to surf as much as I wanted to but I got out whenever I could.  When I first went surfing back home I was really nervous but I had my friend Kristie there to push me.

2.   What do you miss most about MSG?  What memory stands out for you?  I miss camp a lot!  The thing I miss the most is having a whole crowd of girls out in the water with you cheering you on.  The most stand out memory was cabin bonding night.

3.If you could pick anything from the costume box and wear it to your local surf break what would you wear?  I would definitely wear the yellow ducky robe I wore in fashion faux pas, and I would quack at the other surfers who cut me off.

4. If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would you travel to?  Somewhere tropical like Tahiti. Or that place in the original endless summer where the waves breaks forever down the coast.  That would be cool.

5.  Who was your  favorite MSG camper and/or staffer that taught you the most about yourself?  I don’t know — everyone was really great. Probably Slinky — she was always really supportive and taught me to just go out and have fun and enjoy being in the water.

6.  Any parting words for future MSG’s or alums? Just keep pushing yourself even though you are really tired.  It will be worth it in the end. And MSG is the best!!

Lauren loves MSG Lauren Pedinoff

Lauren suited up

Lauren chargin'

Keep chargin’ Lauren!  Hope to see you at camp this summer! 🙂




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