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We love making people’s Hawaiian surf dreams come true…It’s cool to know that MSG can make a lasting impact on our student’s lives, in just a 2 hour class.  The Wood family came to us last year with their daughter and son, but this year they left them behind and took a class on their own.  They were both reluctant, but decided to face their fears and go for it.  Brandon was pretty nervous and admitted after the class that he felt like throwing up as he drove to the surf lesson that morning!  Luckily after catching his first wave, he realized that there was nothing to be afraid of at the easy goin’ rollers at “Guardrails”.  Katie just wrote in and shared these photos from our class.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for our lesson.  You really have a great thing going.  We wouldn’t even dream of doing this with anyone else.  It was a really important thing for me to do, I was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and not knowing what the future holds for me physically, I wanted to do it now since I have always wanted to try it.  It was quite possibly the funnest thing we have ever done.  You would think we caught some waves at Jaws we were so excited!

Hoping we can keep in touch, you really do make people feel like old friends:)  It’s part of your gift and what makes you so good at what you do!”

MSG Van shot - Katie & Brandon Wood

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