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Maui Surf Lessons for Kids!

Maui Surf Lessons for Kids!

One of our most common questions is “Do you teach kids?” And the answer is “YES! We LOVE kids!”

Our minimum age for kids is 5 for surf lessons and students age 8 and under (or not-so-confident swimmers) will get their very own instructor.  Each lesson is completely tailored around the interests and abilities of each individual child. Our highly skilled instructors can either take the child with them on a tandem board, or take out two boards, surfing right next to them the whole time! We teach stand-up paddling lessons for kids too, the minimum age for a stand up paddle lesson is 8.

Photos below are part of our stock images, not necessarily of the families we are quoting. 

Sharky will surf alongside each student, with tips and encouragement the whole time!

Surf lessons are also a great family bonding activity! We’ve taken many multi-generational groups, and we just love to hear parents cheering on their kids, and kids cheering for their parents!

Our instructors love working with kids, but don’t just take our word for it, check out some of these recent reviews:

Heather S (Yelp) I would definitely recommend MSG!!  I had surfed once before and wanted my two girls, 7 and 10, to surf. They were pretty nervous but Gina and KiKi made my girls feel comfortable and safe. Both girls were able to pop up and ride the waves in. They also helped me better my technique and timing when catching a wave. So thankful and glad I went with Maui Surfer Girls!!

Lucy rides a tandem wave with a young student, each lesson is tailored to the student’s needs.

Julie G (Yelp) My girls are 10 and 12 and had never surfed.  We met up with Lucy for a semi-private lesson… We were all nervous…I’m a worrying mom!  Lucy did a great job prepping my girls on land.  Once they got in the water, I really appreciated how well Lucy looked after them.  She was fun and mellow, but made sure they weren’t too far or that they weren’t struggling too much.  And the girls had a BLAST!  They stood up on the first wave!! We put GoPros on one of the surf boards and we were able to watch video after video of smiling happy surfer girls!  It was one of the best things we’ve ever done on Maui!

My daughters begged me to surf with Lucy an additional day and my husband was jealous and wanted to try too.  So a few days later, the three of them went surfing with Lucy again!  My husband stood up on the first wave too! He loved it…especially because it was how he celebrated his 47th birthday!  So contrary to the name, there are boys that take lessons (and teach)!  Total equal opportunity! We cannot wait to go back to Maui and surf with Maui Surfer Girls!  You won’t be disappointed!

Professional surfer Kelly Potts is one of our excellent instructors

@CaliforniaMom2016 (TripAdvisor) Our family of four (daughter age 13, son age 11) had a great time with instructor Sharky and Maui Surfer Girls! We booked a class on the recommendation from a friend and were not disappointed! It was uncrowded and fun to get out of the busy Kaanapali area where we were staying. We were greeted by Sharky and two other instructors who were very welcoming and friendly. Sharky gave us a great overview before we got in the water, along with important safety considerations, and best techniques to get up – we were all beginners! He was an excellent coach, providing hands-on assistance in catching waves as well as supportive, kind encouragement and had great rapport with our kids. With just the four of us in our group, we felt we got excellent instruction and individual attention. We had so much fun and were all able to get up. It was very exciting and Sharky was always right there with a high-five! We loved the relaxed, friendly feel of Maui Surfer Girls and would highly recommend them. We also would recommend the lesson photography. Pictures are taken during the lesson and you can decide whether to buy after viewing them. It was great to see shots of the whole family surfing! Thanks Sharky and Maui Surfer Girls for a very fun and memorable day in Hawaii!

Add a photo session to your lessons! Sharky (on the left) will even photobomb your portraits after your session!

@MtnMom0416 (TripAdvisor) Coming from the mountains, my girls are skiers and are used to their feet touching the ground. Both were a little intimidated by the power of the ocean and being out beyond where they could touch the ground. I booked the girls in a semi private lesson and they loved it. We wound up going back two more times because they had so much fun. Maui Surfer Girls was certainly one of the highlights of our Maui vacation. My older daughter now wants to attend the summer camp. Lucy was so amazing and patient with the girls and they immediately felt at ease and safe under her care. Dustin and Sharky were also fantastic with their words of encouragement and support. Such an amazing group of instructors, we cannot wait to come back again! Mahalo MSG!

@rdrechsler66 (TripAdvisor) My 10 year old daughter had a private surf lesson with Dustin, the owner of Maui Surfer Girls, 2 days ago. This was the second time my daughter had been on a surf board. The area they surfed, just south of Lahaina, was perfect, not crowded with lots of surfers. After reviewing the basics & safety, they hit the waters. My daughter was up on the board her first try, if only for a short time. The time spent in the water for the lesson was just right. My daughter was able to get up on the board successfully & ride the waves! You can really tell Dustin loves what she is doing. I spent a lot of time looking at many Maui surf school websites, trying to find what I thought would be the best lesson for my daughter. And I believe we found it with Dustin & MSG. Check out MSG website, the info there showed me this group of instructors are doing what they truly enjoy to do and want the surfers to enjoy surfing experience. Luana, the photographer on hand, was able to get many great shots of my daughter in the water. Including her very expressive facial expressions! Thank you Dustin for helping my daughter have a memorable experience!

MSG Founder Dustin Tester tandem surfs with a young student

Rebekah W (Yelp) Such an awesome experience with Maui Surfer Girls.  We booked a semi-private SUP lesson for our two girls, ages 8 and 9.  They had Sharky as their instructor and he was awesome.  We met at a great location that was nice and shallow quite a distance out from shore.  My girls are very comfortable in the ocean but it was appreciated.  We were able to watch their progress from the beach and take pictures. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing but upon meeting Sharky and Dustin, my apprehension evaporated.  They provided a board and a rash guard and also posed for a couple of pictures after the lessons.  Highly recommend!

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