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Lila Roo Documentary

Aloha Friday to you all!

I wanted to share this documentary that I put together for an alumni camper, Lila Roo.  She attended the first four years of our surf camp and transformed herself into an amazing surfer girl.  After reviewing camp video footage, I realized that I captured her incredible surfing progression and decided to sneak around and film her charging Maui's northshore without her knowing.  I produced this documentary, "Lila's Extreme Surf Makeover", for her high school graduation present.

I think this documentary speaks volumes about courage and character building.   It shows how pushing ones comfort zones in the ocean can make a profound impact on a girls self-esteem during those crucial teenage years.  I witnessed Lila progress from barely paddling her surfboard, and her lack of belief in herself and athletic ability, to four years later, charging 6 foot waves on Maui's north shore with an air of new found confidence! This is what the Maui Surfer Girls program aims to accomplish for teen girls who attend our camps.

Here's Lila's incredible extreme surf makeover:

By the way, Lila has now become an accomplished artist, with an art degree from Reed College. Her surf art and photography will be featured in Surfer Magazine soon.

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