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Dustin’s Extreme Birthday Adventure

When I told a friend what I had just done on my birthday, he said, “So you’re checkin’ off from your bucket list, eh?”  Pushing the envelope has always been hardwired into me, so I guess planning a random visit to Oahu’s North Shore felt more of a natural inclination, than a “bucket list item” per say.

It went like this:

Three days before my birthday, my friend Jeremy was sitting on my kitchen bar stool discussing my life insurance policy that he just sold me, oddly enough.  His birthday was two days earlier and like any Aries duo, we decided we both needed to celebrate in a big way.

“Let’s go sky diving and swim with the sharks, dudess.”  Jeremy’s classic term of endearment is “dudess”. As sarcastic as Jeremy can be, I knew he was dead serious.

So from life insurance policy jargon to talk of jumping out of airplanes and swimmin’ in shark cages…we were purchasing our plane tickets, rental car, shark dive, and sky dive reservations within the hour.  Classic!!  I was about to risk my life with my life insurance agent!! Life is so full of irony it’s not even funny…

So here’s some video and photo highlights of our sky dive and shark feeding!  Unfortunately the shark dive got cut short due to rough conditions.  We ended up feeding a huge school of Galapagos sharks.

Overall, it was one of the best birthdays in my 30+ years of life.  What a way to celebrate life, by flying 120mph, 11,000 feet above Oahu’s North Shore.  Some might call me crazy…

Here’s some fun shots of the day:

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