Meet Jasmine, Lauren and Tsivi - Maui Surfer Girls
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Meet Jasmine, Lauren and Tsivi

We are continuing our series of ‘Meet our Teen Camp Alumnae’ in this post. Now entering our 18th year of summer camp, we wanted to reach out to all of our former campers to see what incredible things they are up to now!

Meet Jasmine! 

Jasmine attended Maui Surfer Girls for 3 years as a camper, then two more as a CIT! She’s now living in San Diego, where she also attended US San Diego. 

What are you up to now? 

I am working as a chemist at a small biotech company focusing on the discovery of marine-based therapeutics. Outside of work, I surf and climb (not as much as I would like to) but I spend as much time by the ocean as I can. I love going on camping and/or road trips. Recently, I got into a graduate program in Portugal, where I will be pursing a Masters in Marine and Coastal Studies! 

Why did you want to go to MSG camp? 

Prior to MSG, I had never been to Hawaii, or surfed, so I was really intrigued by both! I am so lucky to have a supportive family that allowed me to go to a camp like MSG at the age of 12. I had no idea that I would be creating such meaningful friendships and bonds with amazing women. Huge huge huge bonus. 

What’s your favorite camp memory? 

Definitely hard to pick one. Dawn patrol sessions and hanging out with Melissa Proud, the endless plumerias on my birthday cakes, surfing in costumes and looking back at the beautiful Maui landscape while out in the water. Oh and, the MSG Reunion trip to Lanai was also amazing. 

What about MSG helped you grow as a person? 

I learned how much it means to me to be surrounded by a group of strong women. Any time I am out in the water now, I think about how amazing it was to be in the ocean surfing with such a great support system – laughing, encouraging one another, and helping each other. MSG helped me build confidence in myself, so that I could then develop these kinds of positive connections with others. 

Do you ever meet up with other MSG ladies? If so, tell us about it!!!  

Yes! While Maeve was living here in San Diego, we spent a lot of time together, which was great. Even though Erika D’Andrea and I were not at MSG at the same time, we met each other on one of her first days at UCSD and became really great friends. It’s been a very long time, but the summer after I graduated high school I saw Ally Harrison and Lizzy Balter. I’ve also seen Slinkee a couple times! She took me surfing both in San Diego and in Pacifica. Had a great surf session a year ago with Gaby, Chloe, and Maeve! 

Jasmine Surfing with Chloe, Maeve and Gabby at Scripps pier last year


Meet Lauren 

Lauren, originally from Alpharetta, Georgia, is a 6 summer Maui Surfer Girl! 

She attended for 4 years as a camper, 1 year as a CIT, and 1 year as a surf Instructor intern.

The call of the islands apparently never stopped calling, as Lauren is moving to Honolulu, Oahu in a couple of months, to study Creative Media at University of Hawaii at Moana. 

What are you up to now? 

Working and spending time with family and friends until I make my big move to Oahu. My photography passion has turned into paid photoshoots and is beginning to be successful.

Why did you want to go to MSG camp? 

I went to MSG to become better at surfing, but then realized that Maui Surfer Girls is greater then just surfing, it’s a life long family.

Image: Kat Gaskin


What’s your favorite camp memory? 

One of my favorite, was when I was a CIT and hiked and camped out in the crater of Haleakala. Other good camp memories were laying under the stars with friends at night.

What about MSG helped you grow as a person? 

Apart from surfing, MSG helped me grow into a leader and become very independent. I feel like Maui Surfer Girls showed me to always follow my dreams and passions.

Do you ever meet up with other MSG ladies? If so, tell us about it!!! 

Yes, I do meet up with other MSG ladies. Even though we aren’t always caught up in each other lives, when we hangout we leave where we left off. Lauren Baston and I see each other on Hawaii vacations, and I got to visit her in Alaska a couple years ago. Lena visited me in Atlanta Georgia while she was touring a college years ago, then last Christmas I saw her in Maui with Lauren B.  Rose Engel goes to University of Georgia which is only 2 hours away from me. Rose and I have been on two surf trips in Florida, and recently went skiing. Abigail Wilson and I know each other from family friends and high school. We went to Costa Rica together, and do other adventures like going to the lake. Also, I just ate lunch in Oahu with Raye Teyssier, and met her adorable baby, Raiden. I’m very thankful I still get to see these amazing people, and I know I will have more adventures with them.


Meet Tsivi

Tsivi attended camp in 2015 and 2016, and she’s from Great Neck, New York. 

Tell us what you are up to now: 

I am currently a Theatre major at Goucher College. On the side, I am learning aerial silks and acrobatics. 

Why did you want to go to MSG camp? 

When I was first looking at surf camps, this magical website popped up, and it was Maui Surfer Girls. The pictures of the beaches and cabins took my breath away and immediately made me want to get on a plane. I had surfed in the past and wanted to grow not only as a surfer but as a person, and MSG looked like ( and turned out to be ) a safe place to do precisely that.

What’s your favorite camp memory? 

My favorite camp memory is hard to choose from the whole experience was heaven, but if I had to pick it would be when I first arrived at camp in the summer of 2015. I was so nervous, and I even considered not showing up but when I got there my wonderful CIT Khazanah introduced herself, and when I held out my hand to shake her hand she gave me a huge hug and said: “welcome to camp, we’re big on hugs here.” It put me immediately at ease. For the rest of the afternoon, the fellow campers played in the ocean and on an inflatable water slide by the end of the day I felt so at home that I forgot that it started with me being so nervous. 

What about MSG helped you grow as a person? 

When I first arrived at msg I was filled with self-doubt and being a sixteen-year-old girl I felt kind of like I didn’t belong anywhere. I am an extremely anxious person so being myself can be hard. But as I gained confidence in my surfing, I began to believe in myself. As campers, we were blessed to have a fantastic woman named KK. Throughout the week I had several heart to hearts with her and she gave me advice that i carry with me today. Through KK and my pod instructor KP, I left a different person. I was confident and self-assured, and my parents even noticed the change as well. Throughout my whole week, I learned proper surf etiquette, know how to take care of surfboards, put in and change out fins, how to take care of reefs, how to take care of yourself and how if you put positive energy out you will get so much positive energy back. I don’t know who I would be as a person without my two summers there. 

Do you ever meet up with other MSG ladies? If so, tell us about it!!!  

I have not met up with my MSG sisters at home, but I talk to at least one almost every day. They are people I know I will be friends for life.

TSIVI and her instructor Gina on a recent trip back to Maui!


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