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Maui Camp Mail Room: Camp Love Letters

Do you remember when you were in summer camp as a kid and you would send letters back home to your parents or your friends, telling them you how much you miss them and love them… Well, at our camp, we get letters mailed to US!  And we love them!  This one was particularly special, as it really got to the heart of our camp, our staff.  We hope you enjoy it as well.



Kiki is skilled at surfing right next to our students and camper, so she can help you make small adjustments while you are up on the wave!

I went to a camp last March and had such an amazing time. Kiki and Kelly really made sure we knew what we had to know on the water and showed serious support when we needed it! Since then, I have been talking with anyone who will listen to me about how great they and the people at Maui Surfer Girls are. I will never forget how incredible that week was. In particular, everyone I came into contact with was someone I wanted to be friends with 🙂 Sounds cheesy but it’s very true.

Some moments it was like Kiki could read my mind better than I could, and she would give me advice on what to work on, which would immediately make a difference. Such incredible attention to detail (and then she did a surfing head stand oO). Please thank her for recommending Grandma’s for lunch – I had one of the best eggs benny that I can remember!

Kelly Potts shares her grace and power with all of our campers!



Kelly always pushed me when I needed it, especially when picking a shorter board. She pushed my self consciousness right out of the way – of course I could take a shorter board 😉 haha



Joy made the most beautiful and soulful meals I have had, and she did it without making it look hard at all. I think it might be because she put so much of her soul into it that it actually rejuvenated her to see other people enjoying it so much. I’m just speculating but I don’t think anyone else could have done it like she did.


Joy’s attention to detail with each and every meal and snack is one of the big reasons why we have so many returning campers in 2018!


PS – I should really add that you and Lucy were also a big part of that week for me, and you were definitely someone I added to the list of people I truly admire. Everything you have done and continue to do is full of passion that has inspired so many other people so you have built up a family or strong team of people that have similar goals to yourself. Lucy was one of those people that you know could do anything they put their mind to, and she does it so well.

Sincerely, Sophia”


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Surf Coaches Kiki and Kelly Potts will teach you how to surf, and entertain you on the water!











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