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I Left My Heart at MSG

We love sharing feedback we get from campers.  Below we share a recent letter from a 2019 Teen Camper… 

First and foremost, I want to say thank you SO much for the opportunity that you gave me at MSG, and that I’m so sorry that I didn’t write to you sooner. School/soccer started and I got caught up in it all. Strangely enough, my mind never left Maui Surfer Girls. At the beginning of this year I was thinking about what classes I wanted to take and people started asking me about college, and things became a little stressful. Somehow, whenever I got a little caught up in it, my mind brought me back to camp. I have never, in my entire life, felt so at peace as I was at camp. 


teen camp Kelsey hike
PC: Kelsey Willison


As soon as I walked though the entrance to camp, I knew things were going to be great. Being near water is really important to me and the ocean is just so calming. Having the opportunity to swim in it everyday is honestly the most unbelievably, wonderful feeling.

Kelly Potts Maui Teen Surf Camp
Surf Coach Kelly Potts (left) and her pod cool off in the ocean! PC: Rachael Zimmerman


Also, the people at camp are some of the best people I have ever met. I loved the counselors and CITs with all of my heart, and not to mention getting to meet so many amazing girls my age. What a gift you gave me! I made so many lifelong friends from camp, as a matter of fact Natalie is coming to Tahoe in a couple weeks to visit me!

PC: Rachael Zimmerman


Getting to be around like-minded people, in such a beautiful place, was honestly a dream come true.  I, somehow, didn’t realize how much the surfing aspect would impact me. After getting to surf everyday, I realized how different your connection to the water is on a board, then just being/swimming in the water. You realize so much more, how you and the ocean have to work together as one, and how big it really is. 


Surf Coach Kelly Potts
Coach Carole talks the campers through each step of the wave. PC: Rachael Zimmerman


Yoga on the beach really made me realize that I had been missing something. I absolutely love yoga, and before camp I had kind of lost touch with it, so I am thankful to have that love back in my life.  At camp I got to remember how amazing yoga is and how good it makes me feel. I loved getting to disconnect from the world and get a real connection with people. So, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Some people say that they left their hearts in San Francisco. I left my heart in Maui, at MSG camp.

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