Direct Support for our Instructors Displaced by Lahaina Fire - Maui Surfer Girls
Fire Update

Direct Support for our Instructors Displaced by Lahaina Fire

This is a very quick post to get out the Venmo links to our instructors who lost everything in the Lahaina fire.

We will update with more information and possibly add more people when we can.

If someone impacted your life and you are in any way able to support them, they would be forever grateful. I hope these links work but I’ll include their @ as well, just double check spelling!

Lance and Raye – Surf Instructors (@Lance-Connor-1 look for the rainbow photo)

Rachael Zimmerman – Camp and Surf School photographer (@rachaelzimmermanphotography photo is rachael sitting on a surfboard)

Maggie Surf Instructor and Camp Coach (@magz6000 photo is Maggie holding surfboard

Lara Surf Instructor (@lalaclaydon photo is Lara with flower lei on head)

Lucy Lucy is the original Maui Surfer Girl, and has been with our company since year 2. She has moved on to being an EMT and we can’t thank her enough for what she’s done the past few days. (@Lucy-Woodward-12 photo is Lucy headshot with mouth open )

Josh Josh and his newlywed wife Victoria are both former instructors and still important parts of the MSG ohana. Josh is currently a state firefighter working on West Maui. They still have their home but that’s about all we know so far. @josh-riccio-1 photo is Josh on a large wave.

If the links aren’t working; please email[email protected] for alternate Venmo’s or in some cases they also have GoFundMe set up, …  

This was our surf truck Falcor, and the condos that many of the above lived in, in the background:

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