Zipline tour with Skyline Adventures - Maui Surfer Girls
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Zipline tour with Skyline Adventures

Each summer we organize "mystery adventures" for our surfer girls.  We do our best to offer the most exciting activities that Maui has to offer.  And the most fun of it all is keeping our afternoon adventures a secret to the girls who sign up for it.  

This summer we took the girls up to the Eucylptus forest in Kula Maui, where Skyline Eco-Tours offers an amazing zipline course.  We zipped through 6 lengthy ziplines from one ravine to another through the Eucylptus trees.  

Here's the last and longest zipline of the day…Our CIT "Sofa" commentates just before taking a huge leap of faith.


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  1. Zip line tours

    Wow!! That would be an Exhilarating experience. I wish I could get a chance to feel this adventure.

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