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Women Who Surf Jaws

Well folks — these clips should go down in the history of women’s big wave surfing. Featured here are “Team Amazone”, Maria Souza and Andrea Moller, and their pioneering women’s tow team. These two are going fairly unrecognized by mainstream surfing, when they are the first all female tow team to both drive and surf at Jaws. Major props to Team Amazone!!

Dustin Tester, Maui Surfer Girls founder, was waiting on the wings for a couple of these bombs. Check out Dustin’s dramatic wipeout, the amazing rescue by Andrea, and her next ride — one of the bombs of the day and by far the biggest wave of her life.


As far as the 2007-2008 tow season — it’s been a very disappointing one so far. The girls have gone out maybe twice this season. Let’s cross our fingers and pray for some bombing winter swells to roll in — without rain and wind!

Enjoy and spread the word about Team Amazone! And corporate sponsors out there — where are you guys? Why is it that Laird and David Kalama can get paid big bucks for riding big waves and these ladies are working full time jobs, going to school, starting a business, as well as being full time mothers! What’s up with that?!

Winter 2008




Women Jaws

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  1. VNasty

    Dustin…you are so HUGE! Holy bageezalenitz!

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