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Thoughts You Have While Trying to Surf Alone

(post written by Liz, MSG’s current blogger and publicist: I’m still just learning to surf myself!) 

So I woke up this morning with a strange sensation that I needed to go surfing. I’ve had this desire in the past (especially since being part of the inaugural women’s surf camp this summer!) but it was always with SOMEONE ELSE. Today was a school day, and hubby was off picking up his own new surfboard, so I was left on my own to figure out how to do this.

I’m not new to water sports, I’ve spent my whole life sailing, windsurfing and more recently stand-up paddling, but for the past 8 years my personal hobbies have been taking a back seat to this new hobby of mine, which involves being called ‘Mom’. If you have kids that you’ve rearranged your life, house, and choice of vehicles for, you understand.

So here are the thoughts that went through my mind this morning while trying to get out and catch some vitamin Sea and D (I’m getting a bit pale).

1.  I wonder if I can get my surfboard down without breaking anything.

My new surfboard is currently stored in custom racks that are attached to the ceiling of the garage, directly over my car. They were built by my husband who is 6’2”. I am not. It was wedged between two heavy SUP boards, and did require some precarious balancing acts requiring a not-so-sturdy lawn chair and some analysis of the laws of physics. Luckily the laws of gravity did not win and my new board (and my new car!) made it out unscathed.

2. I can’t find any surfboard straps.

I do recall the last time we went surfing the metal buckles of the straps on their last legs, and I’m pretty sure that was their last voyage. Luckily for me, new car is JUST long enough to fit inside new car.

3. Where am I going to surf?

At surf camp, we mostly surfed at Thousand Peaks / Ukumehame, and I knew it was likely that there would also be a lesson there this morning. I watched the waves for a bit (like any good surfer would!), took some videos photographs and posted them online (like any good publicist would!) and paddled out. The first break that I went to was empty but there were definitely waves crashing. As I caught a couple waves and looked down, I realized why there was no one there.  It’s SHALLOW! Which lead me to my next thought.

4. I wonder if anyone would notice if I got hurt.

Surfing alone is maybe not the smartest thing.  So, I paddled over to the small group surfing at the next break and was relieved to see that it was Dustin, Sharky and their students for the day! Yay! I wasn’t alone.  But as I paddled over I kept slipping off the board…

5. I should probably buy some wax.

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