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The Stone Clinic – Professional Women Athlete Conference

Last weekend I participated in a professional women athlete conference sponsored by the Stone Clinic in San Francisco.  There were top women athletes like Marla Streb, a professional mountain biker, Beijing gold medalist rower Erin Cafaro, and several professional skiiers and snowboarders.  I was the token surfer and sat on a panel of entreupreuneurs  to talk about careers after being competitive in your sport.

It was an amazing chance to network with fellow athletes and learn how to market ourselves more effectively to make a decent living at our sports.  It’s hard to swallow that professional women athletes make almost half as much as do men in the same sport.  Another surprising statistic is that 42% of the Beijing athletes were women – the highest percentage in Olympic history!  So look out – women are going to be an undeniable presence in the future of sports.  We are the next generation of pro women athletes that will be striving to earn as much money and media clout as the guys do!

Much appreciation to Dr. Kevin Stone for hosting this amazing conference!

Here’s a few shots of the conference from photographer Effin Older:

The next generation of pro women athletes taking charge of their careers!

The agents to help them realize their athletic careers — Michael Spencer; Amy Stanton; Susan Izzo

Stone Clinic Sponsors the Professional Women Athete Conference



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