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Teen Girls Camp Photos!

We are almost 10 days into our two week teen camp and we wanted to share some of the fun pictures!

Besides the daily surf lessons, activities have included traveling to Haleakala to watch the sunset, painting surfboards, learning how to make dreamcatchers, hiking to tide pools and waterfalls, and much more!

The best part of the girls’ camp – waking up early to watch the sunrise and head out to Dawn Patrol!


Painting Surfboards was one of our activities – it was fun to see all the beautiful and truly creative designs that the girls camp up with!


Sunset at Haleakala is always a special experience – especially when sharing it with such an amazing group of young ladies!

Surfing, chalk talks, dreamcatchers, tide pooling, hiking and slacklining…


And our always moving Counsel 

And we love this quote by former camper and CIT, and current surf school intern Lauren Greene:

“I’ve been so lucky to come to Maui Surfer Girls over the years, and be a part of this Ohana. Last night I came to the council and the main question being asked was, “what is a difference you have or can make in this world?”. Everyone went around the circle, and said their answer to how they could change the world. No, none of these answers were silly; all of them were amazing. At the end, Lucy said that it is great because, we all have each other to help each other achieve our goals. This is so truth because to all my amazing friends I have met from this camp over the years that live all over the world we can help each other make a difference. I love all these incredible women from this camp.”


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