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Surfing and Yoga go hand in hand!  It’s the perfect complimentary activities, where one benefits the other to create a perfect mind, body, spirit connection.  Surfing requires focus, agility, and connection to ones core.  As does yoga.  This doesn’t mean that if you have no yoga experience, you won’t be able to surf.  I’ve taught hundreds of students that have no experience in yoga or surfing, but were able to stand on their surfboard during their first two hour class. However, if you’re interested in learning or wanting to improve at surfing, take a yoga class or two to work on your flexibility.  This will help you progress as a surfer at any level.

Throughout my years of teaching, I’ve witnessed incredible progress in students who have some experience in yoga.  My pop-up technique includes practicing three yoga positions – “up dog” or “cobra”, “down dog”, and “warrior” positions…otherwise known at the “Sun Salutations” in yoga.  If you’ve never taken a yoga class, no problem. In my land lesson, I go through how to do each of these postures, which helps my students get flexible enough to go from the laying position on the surfboard to standing.




The latest rave now is SUP yoga!  This is practicting yoga postures on the deck of a stand up paddleboard, while balancing on the water.  It’s a great way to combine yoga with an ocean sport like “SUP”.  With a wide and stable SUP board, you’d be surprised at how many yoga positions you can do on the water.  It’s a great core strengthening workout, while improving ones focus and balance. Maui Surfer Girls is now offering SUP Yoga at Ukumehame Beach Park at 7am on Fridays.  So the folks that live in Maui or visitors can join us every Friday!


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Experience for yourselves the great combination of two activities that will undoubtedly calm your mind and invigorate your body:  surfing & yoga!

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