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Surf Lessons with Sharky

For the past five years, MSG surf school has been blessed to have one of the best surf instructors on the island working for us.  And believe it or not, it’s our one token male instructor, “Sharky”.  Our joke is that he’d come dressed for classes in a coconut bra to fit in with all the Maui Surfer Girls and female students.  We figured that our students would appreciate a professional, compassionate, and handsome surfer guy instructor.

Sharky teaches a thorough surf lesson, where he emphasizes what he’s so passionate about (besides surfing of course):  Hawaiian cultural awareness & preservation of our reefs & beaches.  Our students have been entertained with his sand drawings, writing “Papa He’e Nalu” (hawaiian for surfer of waves) on his makeshift sand chalkboard on the bottom of our soft top surfboard.  He teaches respect for the reefs by never walking on the bottom with your booties, respect for our beaches by cleaning up trash, respect for other surfers by knowing the surf etiquette.  If you want the best surf lesson in Maui, request Sharky when you book with Maui Surfer Girls!  He’s got over 15 years teaching experience!

He recently taught Jim Sorenson’s two daughters.  Jim was nice enough to write us the day after their surf lesson last Saturday, giving Sharky props:

“Dustin, Just wanted to let you know we had a lesson with Sharky yesterday.  My daughter, now 16, has had surfing lessons over the years on Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai…and this was clearly the best.  Sharky taught aloha, respect, wave etiquette, safety, surf history…he had the girls involved and had them up and surfing right away….they had a lot of fun in the water…and learned.  They even pulled off a tandem. …well sort of.  Mahalo for that.  Aloha to Sharky.”  — Jim, Audrey, Ana Sorensen and Kylie Tafoya


Sharky spreading the “aloha spirit” with the Maui Surfer Girls!

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  1. Kylie Tafoya

    Sharky was great I’m Kylie Tafoya and I had so much fun that day! I went to Maui with my best friend Ana and she has had numerous surfing lessons and said that this was the only one that she actually learned something at and had fun! Thank you Sharky so much!

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