Surf Camp Highlights of 2008 - Maui Surfer Girls
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Surf Camp Highlights of 2008

I can honestly say that each year MSG keeps getting better!  Our surf camp o’hana keeps growing with our new surf instructors like Summer Maxemow from Oahu and Jennifer O’hearn from Kona.  And of course over thirty campers from across the country and abroad (Melinda and Andie from Taiwan and Anne-Sophie from Montreal) attended MSG 2008.  Almost half of our campers were return campers and 80% of our staff returned!  This shows MSG’s magnetic impact on everyone involved in our program.  We were proud to have Jill Valle return after a three year hiatus working hard for the Archer School for Girls in LA.

After eight years of surf camps now, I have to say that this was the smoothest — despite Jennifer and I breaking the jet ski joy riding and swimming it to shore against off shore winds – YIKES!  Which brings me to some of my top 10 favorite memories of the summer:

10)  CIT training – creating masks together in Iao Valley, rock hopping, and scaring tourists walking by us with our white plaster of paris face masks.  We looked like the night marchers.  But in reality, were were undergoing a transformation of shedding past fears, our “face” that we portray to the world, and getting in touch with our true selves.

9)  Our resident monk seal paid us a visit on the first day of camp, sunbathing in front of our cabins.

8)  Lucy’s stuttering problem on our zipline adventure in the West Maui Mountains.

7)  The unforgettable skits at talent show with Tree, Slinkee, and Gaby
being absolute dorks.  The diversity of our costume box lends to random
skits!  And not to forget about the amazing fire dancing of Khadija,
Maddy, Angelica, and Crystal’s amazing vocals, Anne-Sophie’s karate,
and Sofa’s hip hop!

6)  Jill facilitating our camp counsel and providing a safe place for our girls to express those things that matter most to them.  Our bond represented by a ball of green yarn around our wrists.

5)  Our epic dance off, resulting in Tree and Nicole collapsing of exhaustion on the dining hall floor after 2 hours of dancing to all genres of music.

4)  Witnessing Melinda face her fears, as she swam in the ocean for the first time.  On
the last day of camp, our brave Taiwanese stood on a surfboard for the
first time.  Way to go Melinda!

3)  Hawaiiana with Makamae – the opening circle chant and hula performances!  Makamae and her daughter Crystal, who attended camp, playing ukulele and harmonizing their beautiful Hawaiian voices gave me chicken skin.

2)  Every meal cooked by Khadija and Connie was memorable.  My favorite being the Thai night and homeade mango popsicles.  Epic healthy food to fuel our surfer girls!  You ladies rocked the kitchen hard core!!

1)  Winning the surf school relay race at the Volcom contest.  Gaby, Summer, and myself took on seven Lahaina breakwall surf schools – very male dominated.  We showed them how to do the cockaroach, headstand to dancer pose, on 11 foot soft tops.  Thanks to our costume clad cheering squad – MSG represented major girl power, winning the best surf school award!

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