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Summer Camp Packing Tips

The countdown to summer camp has begun! Now that you have your camp booked, the next step is to packing your bags! For our teen campers, this may be the first time that you have travelled this far away from home on your own, and our goal is to make this trip as easy and FUN as possible (and that includes bringing all the right gear!).  And for our women’s camp, it may have been a few summers since you’ve been to camp, and may be time for a refresher!  Here’s your definitive guide to CAMP PACKING! 

We’ve created a packing list that you may have already received (and it’s listed at the bottom), but we wanted to ask our camp staff for their personal recommendations and tips on what THEY pack first…

Lucy Woodward: Assistant Camp Director

hammock maui
hang out in the monkey tree with your hammock!

Pack a Hammock! At camp we have an awesome monkey tree where there is space for multiple hammocks.  Bring yours to join the monkey family.  Choose a great book to bring to enjoy down time while reading in the hammock. Can’t decide which book to bring you can always trade with someone else at camp.  Not much into reading, meditative coloring books are all the rage! Find a multitude of fun options at your local book store.

Bring a talent! We have a talent share night at camp where we love to show case campers amazing talents! Start thinking about what you might share. If you don’t feel like you have any talent you may just discover yours at camp.
And a pair of Running shoes! If you want to stay in shape (not that camp isn’t active enough) bring some work out clothes.  Morning runs can be arranged for the dedicated running enthusiast. And we’ll always have a workout of the day for anyone that needs more challenge in the already tiring camp schedule!

Plus, we’ll have a camp store with some fun MSG merchandise, so we’ll keep you covered if there’s anything you forget!

summer camp packing list
Stock up on t-shirts, hats, rash guards and more at our Camp Store!

Kelly Potts: Surf Coach / Mentor (and prAna Ambassador!) 

First things first: A good swim suit that you feel cute/sexy in, but more importantly that you feel confident will stay on through the surf. Need ideas? Visit for my ultimate favorite suit – Aleka top and Saba Bottom. So cute, so functional.  (We love this feature – click here to design a suit just for you!) 

Next on the list: REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN! Save the earth! We all know that. Need ideas? Visit for natural and organic skin care products that reduce our footprint and are healthier for your skin anyways.

And a Hydroflask  ↑. The ultimate water bottle that will keep your cold drink cold for days. I recommend getting the 64 oz. size because that’s the minimum amount we should be drinking in a day. It’s a goal in a bottle. (Get the sippie straw cap, it makes me drink more!)

And finally, A sarong. Lightweight material takes up less room in your suitcase, makes for a great towel, makes it easy for you to change in and out of your suit at the beach, and dries super fast. Not only that but it looks pretty for decorating in your cabin!If you don’t have a sarong, there are plenty of great ones to find all around Maui! 


Kelly Kaspar:Lead Coordinator

When packing for an overnight, camp, or a year long trip… I pack just a backpack.

In the backpack is 3 bathing suits, 2 shorts, one pants, one dress, and three t-shirts, 7 underwear. I always include a journal because life is about experiences not materials, and journals help you remember these moments.

Materials have nothing to with your presence being at a place at a certain time… its destiny that brings us all together and so its your personality that will shine the most in any given situation. I believe that the more clothes and materials people travel with, it only slows them down, makes them over think their appearance.

So my best advice for the campers is to bring your personality. Prepare to make life long friends, get consumed in activities you’re familiar with and uncomfortable with. Camp is all about bringing people together and when we do gather, its very special. Never once is clothing noticed. Never once is someone judged by their material possessions. At camp we want to love you for you and we encourage you to shine with that awesome unique personality of yours


(this is based on the one-week camp, adjust as necessary for the two-week camp!) 

Recommended for Surfing

kelly potts maui surfer
Kelly Potts models some surf pants and a rash guard. Mahalo to her sponsor prAna!
  • 3 swim suits or more (sturdy and active style suits)
  • 1 pair Surf pants or quick dry leggings (Especially for first time surfers)
  • 1 pair neoprene booties or water shoes (only for first time surfers)
  • 1 Long sleeve rash-guard to prevent board rash/sunburns (for sale in camp store)
  • 2 Reusable water bottles ( 1 qt. capacity)
  • 2 bottles of sunblock (at least 20 spf and waterproof)
  • 1 beach towels*
  • 1 day pack to pack sunscreen, water bottles, lunch, and towel

Necessities for Camp

  • 3 pairs of t-shirts, shorts, and under garments
  • 1 sweatshirt (it does get chilly at night sometimes)1 pair jeans or long pants
  • 1 pair flip-flops or tevas
  • 1 pair of close toe shoes, comfortable for hiking
  • 2 pair of socks
  • 1 brimmed hat
  • 1 pair sunglasses
  • toiletry bag for camp
    This cute toiletry bag is perfect for carrying between your cabin and the showers!

    1 bath towel

  • 1 floral print or dressy t-shirt, skirt, or dress for our luau
  • light blanket or light sleeping bag and pillow****
  • pajamas
  • toiletry bag with toiletry items
  • flash light and batteries
  • spending money**


Please PACK LIGHTLY, the more you pack the more you keep track of!! 

  • journal and pen
  • back up sunglasses, towels, stuff you usually lose.
  • your own surfboard***
  • reading material
  • camera   – teen campers – you will have limited access to your smartphone (read our camp technology policy), so we recommend bringing a GoPro or other waterproof camera!!! women campers  – while you are encouraged to take a bit of a break from your phones… you are adults and will be treated as such! 🙂
  • hammock


*There are laundry facilities available. Our coin operated machine is 1.00/load!

** Spending Money: We’ll be doing a shopping trip to Lahaina and we’ll have a camp store with MSG merchandise. So plan at least $150 to spend (depending on how many weeks you are attending).!
***We provide surfboards & have them for sale in our camp store, but by all means bring your own if you have one.!

****We provide a bottom sheet for all campers, but all other bedding (blankets, pillows or sheets) must be provided from you. The nights can get cool enough that light blanket is nice.

prana swimsuits clothes line
Cute Suits at!


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    We should never forget sunscreen! Also hydrating is important so it’s ideal to pack a water bottle.

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