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Sharky: August Instructor of the Month

Sharky is consistently one of our most requested instructors, despite working for a company that’s called Maui Surfer Girls!  Over 300 students were lucky enough to have Sharky as their surf instructor this summer alone!  He’s been an important part of our company for the past several years, especially in the summer when our female instructors are busy with the teen surf camps. We are excited to announce that Sharky is our August Instructor of the Month.

Dustin Tester, Maui Surfer Girls’ founder and director, recently had this to say about Sharky:

Sharky has been with MSG consistently for the past 10 years, and supported our fledgling surf school since 2005.   I’ve nicknamed him “Sharkmaster” through the years, for his dedication to being a top-notched instructor, a true master of his trade.  He freely gives his heart and knowledge of surfing to each and every student.  He truly cares that his students gets the very most out of their two hour surf experiences with him. For years, he’s consistently given 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp, and we appreciate how much he’s contributed to the MSG ‘ohana and our students for the past 12 years.”

Sharky rides a wave with a young student

And here’s what our recent students had to say:
“The Maui Surfer Girls were fabulous! Our instructor was a guy, Sharky, and he was great!! You can request male or female instructors, we had no preference, but my son was excited to get Sharky for our trip. My kids loved him and he was patient and very helpful!! Of course my kids picked surfing up very quickly, they have no fear! He had them up on their boards on their first waves. I am less adventurous but was still able to have fun surfing the waves. MSG provided everything for us: boards, reef booties and rash guards. They stay out in the water with you the entire time and help everyone have as much fun as possible. We highly recommend the Maui Surfer Girls” – Colleen B via TripAdvisor

“We signed our 12-year-old daughters up for lessons – one had surfed before, the other hadn’t. I thought it was really cool that this was a woman-owned business. Ironically, we had a male instructor but I cant complain at all. Sharky was the best! The whole MSG team was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Even though we signed up for a group lesson, it was still small (4 girls) and Sharky was able to pay a lot of attention to each student. What I really appreciate is that he really seems to understand how to teach kids, especially girls at this age. One of my daughters was a little cranky at the beginning of the lesson and he had her smiling within 10 minutes. He had them out on the water within 30 minutes. I was able to also observe two private lessons going on at the same time and that seemed to be the norm. They are a great team. When we got in the car, my formally cranky kid said “that was fun, can we do it again?” Doesn’t get much better than that!” – JR via TripAdvisor

Sharky surfs alongside each student, with tips and encouragement the whole time!

“Sharky was a great instructor for my teenage girls!! He taught them so much and they caught a ton of waves! Really liked all my he hands on attention and the girls came out of the water exhausted but having had so much fun and wanting more!! Recommend these guys hands down!!!” – Michelle via Yelp

“My 12 and 14 year old daughters had a great experience with Sharky! I’m glad we opted for the “no preference” for the instructor as it yielded a wonderful time for our girls. They both were able to ride some waves, which as beginners, we weren’t sure they’d be able to do. It was a positive and empowering experience- definitely recommend!! :)”  – NMerrick1 via TripAdvisor


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