"Queen of Honolua" - Ours Truly Melissa Proud - Maui Surfer Girls

“Queen of Honolua” – Ours Truly Melissa Proud

We’ve been having an epic week of 8-12 foot waves.  They’ve been bursts of high surf advisories every other day this week, so if you’re not on it, the swell quickly evaporated.  Well Melissa Proud was on it and scored two amazing sessions at the Bay last weekend.  Here’s a cluster of photos from her sessions.  The coconut wireless around town was that Melissa scored the set of the day with an in and out barrel ride (see sequence below).

Other news about Melissa — she has qualified for a wild card spot in the Billabong Pro contest at her home break at the Bay.  The MSG blog will be updating photos and video clips of her heat, so stay tuned!

Melissa Proud | Melissa Proud epic barrel '08




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One Response to ““Queen of Honolua” – Ours Truly Melissa Proud”

  1. Ray Gale

    G’day Mel,so happy to have found this site and congratulations on your successful surfing, I have always known you would make it after your time in Australia, your waves look bigger than ours. Glad to see you are doing what you love.
    Luv ya Ray Gale

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