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Peahi Swell Train Hits Today

For the past two weeks Maui has been hit with some amazing tow surfing conditions!  Light offshore winds and ten-fifteen foot swells have been consistently rolling through Maui’s north shore.  The talk on the streets is about the swell of the season hitting this weekend and peaking Monday.  It’s rumored to reach 60 feet at “Jaws”!

After getting a call from Andrea Moller, I charged up my video camera and met up with David and Santi (our assistant cook from last summer) and drove to the cliffs overlooking Peahi.  They had never seen “Jaws” and I was stoked to give them the tour.  At the top of the pineapple fields, I knew it was going to be perfect tow conditions.  Blue corduroy lines stacked up to the horizon – it was a gorgeous bluebird sky Maui day.  I tried to not get too bummed, as my eardrum is still recovering from my Honolua wipe out & the doctor has banned me from the ocean for the next week.  I guess I’ll be a videographer and capture all the amazing swell rolling into town.  So stay tuned – I plan to update our blog with some insane clips of “Jaws”, Honolua, Windmills…and wherever the swell takes me over the next four days.

Dave just emailed me some shots from the day.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Jaws122009 046
Jaws122009 006

Jaws122009 019


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  1. VNasty

    Massive Dustin! That is massive!

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