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Overnight Camp Covid Policies & Procedures

2022 Overnight Camp COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Updated September 2022: Our COVID policies are subject to change in line with CDC guidelines and as the current situation in Hawai’i warrants. Any changes will be published here. IMPORTANT-Campers or parents of campers are responsible for staying informed on our current policies. Please check back prior to attending camp.

As of 3.26.22:  The Safe Travels Hawaii program and the state-wide mask mandates have been lifted.

After an unprecedented year of canceled and rescheduled camps, Maui Surfer Girls was able to safely reopening our overnight programs in 2021.  For twenty years, we have proudly provided a safe place for our MSG ‘ohana (family) to thrive physically and emotionally.  Our mission to empower and support girls and women has only galvanized during this pandemic. The need for both physical and emotional support has only increased over the past year.  Our surf camp can provide our participants an important outlet to connect with others and ourselves through surfing and a nurturing camp environment.

mask mandate ends in Hawaii - a female surfer carrying a board smiles.
As of March 26, 2022, the state-wide mask mandate has been lifted.



  • Consult with your medical provider: If you or your camper are at increased risk for health complications due to COVID-19, we strongly recommend you consult with your medical provider to assess if traveling to and participating in camp activities is appropriate for you or your camper.



  • Medical Insurance: All campers are required to have medical/health insurance. Review your policy to make sure you or your camper would be covered in the case of any sickness or accidents that may occur while attending camp in Hawai’i. Parents of teen campers: Your personal policy may not cover your camper. Please review your policy and assess if you may need supplemental coverage for your camper while attending Maui Surfer Girls camp.
  • Trip/Travel Insurance: It is not required but we highly recommend purchasing a trip/travel insurance policy from a third party vendor prior to your camp to cover any costs and/or losses that may be incurred as a result of trip delay, cancellation, interruption or early termination. This could include coverage for paid camp tuition and fees, medical treatment or evacuation, or costs incurred from canceled flights, lost baggage, etc. The terms and conditions of coverage vary according to the individual insurance vendor. Please research the policies that would work best for you. A few recommendations we have are listed below:



  • Check current policies: Approximately two months prior to camp, campers will be emailed Travel/Airport Pickup Forms and current Covid policies. Women’s campers and parents of Teen campers are responsible for checking our COVID-19 policy page regularly and complying with any changes before camp arrival.
  • Those who are prone to seasonal allergies or have asthma: We strongly recommend any campers prone to seasonal allergies or asthma to utilize preventative measures prior to camp to prevent any symptoms occurring at camp that may mimic COVID-19 symptoms and prompt camp staff to test and/or quarantine the camper.
  • Reduce risk of exposure: We want all of our staff and campers to feel safe in our camp “bubble”. We ask all campers to limit your interactions as much as possible during the 10 days prior to attending camp to reduce risk of exposure. 
  • Communicate any recent sickness or possible exposures: All campers (regardless of vaccination status) should not arrive to camp if suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19 within 10 days prior to camp arrival. All campers (regardless of vaccination status) should not arrive to camp if they have been in close contact with someone suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 within 10 days of camp arrival. If any symptoms arrive within 10 days of traveling to camp, campers or parents of campers are required to communicate that to our Camp Directors as soon as possible. 



  • Stay healthy: Please reduce risks of exposure to COVID while traveling by wearing a mask while in public, frequently washing hands, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, maintaining social distance of 6 feet when possible, utilizing hand sanitizer & sanitizing wipes to clean surfaces and covering coughs and sneezes. We want happy, healthy campers arriving to us ready to have the best week ever!



  • Masks: Masks are not required outdoors, in restrooms or inside cabins. Cabins are open-aired with fans housing 2-3 women for Women’s Camp and 6 girls for Teen Camp. We arrange beds so there is the most possible distance between the camper’s heads as possible within the space. Campers who have traveled together will share cabins. All camp areas are open-air with excellent air flow and most off-camp activities are outdoors.  Masking may be required should anyone in our “bubble” begin showing symptoms or signs of possible infection. All campers are welcome to wear a mask at any time or any place they feel more comfortable with one. 
  • Parents/Guardians/Family members dropping off Teen Campers: We kindly request keeping the number of people accompanying your camper to a minimum. Upon camp arrival, we do not require you to wear a mask since we are outdoors but please try to maintain a 6 ft distance between yourself and others as much as possible.
  • Cleanliness: Every surface in the kitchen and dining hall will be cleaned with a disinfectant before and after each meal. Bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be available in all vans, cabins, bathrooms and community areas. All bathrooms will be stocked with hand soap. 
  • Testing: Campers may be tested during the camp session should any sign of symptoms arise. Primary contacts of teen campers will be notified of any positive results should this scenario present itself and a plan will be put in place for quarantine (see “What if” section below). 
  • We will follow all state, local and CDC guidelines put forward to us at the time of the camp.



  • What if Maui Surfer Girls needs to cancel camp before it starts due to COVID-19?
    • If Maui Surfer Girls needs to cancel before camp starts we will issue a full refund (less service fees) or coupon code of an equal amount paid for a future camp.
  • What if Maui Surfer Girls needs to cancel mid-camp due to COVID-19?
    • If Maui Surfer Girls needs to cancel camp mid-way through a session, the camp deposit is non-refundable and the tuition balance will be pro-rated based on the number of days completed at camp and a refund will be issued for the number of days not completed (less service fees).
  • What happens if camper can’t join camp because of positive COVID-19 result within 10 days before camp starts? 
    • Per our cancellation policy, we need a doctor’s note for any cancellations due to medical reasons within 60 days before camp starts. Contact us as soon as you are aware of a positive result and send us a note from your doctor explaining the camper will not be attending due to COVID-19. We can try to fill your spot from our waitlist, if we have one for that session, or from marketing efforts. If we are able to fill your spot, you will receive a partial refund (less service fees). This refund will be determined on a case by case basis depending on how many marketing staff hours were put in to fill your spot. If we are unable to fill your spot, you will receive a 50% refund if a doctor’s note has been received. If no doctor’s note has been received, no refund will be issued.
  • What if a camper has a close contact/possible exposure to a positive COVID-19 case within 10 days before camp starts? (Our definition of a possible exposure is when you find out someone you were in an enclosed location with for more than 15 minutes has tested positive for COVID or someone you share a household with, regardless of length of exposure, has tested positive for COVID.)
    • Get tested immediately to see if you test positive for COVID-19. Contact us as soon as possible to let us know you have had a possible exposure to a positive COVID-19 case. If you test positive, see the previous question. If you test negative up until 24 hours before traveling to camp AND you have no symptoms of COVID-19, you can travel to camp at your own risk but we will test upon arrival as well as mid-session. If a positive test result occurs, see the next question. No refunds will be issued if you test positive upon arrival or during camp.
  • What if a camper develops symptoms of COVID-19 during camp? 
    • Any camper displaying symptoms will be tested for COVID. In the event of a positive test result, the camper will need to be isolated away from the camp. All other campers will also be tested due to possible exposure. Camp staff will follow COVID-19 illness guidelines and provide as much medical care as possible or seek outside medical help if needed. The camper (or parent/guardian of camper for Teen Camp) will be financially responsible for any lodging/travel changes to remove themselves from the camp as soon as possible within a 24 hr window. We will assist in creating the best action plan for the camper on a case by case basis. No refunds will be given for early termination of camp due to a positive COVID case upon arrival or during camp. Teen campers: A parent/guardian will need to travel to Maui within 24 hours  to accompany their camper while they quarantine before traveling home. 
  • What precautions are in place for camp staff?
    • All staff have the same requirements as campers: a negative pre-camp COVID test, masking in vans, limiting risk to exposure, etc. as well as the same requirements should a staff member test positive during camp (quarantine/removal from camp).
  • How can I protect my camp investment?  
    • We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover any losses due to COVID-19 or other unexpected emergencies.




Upgrade packages for a private tentalow may be available for selected camps – please send us a note to inquire about availability.

Shown at a prior teen camp, private tentalows with their own showers are available in the upgrade package. 


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