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Our Newlywed Surf Package

On Tuesday, I taught an adorable newlywed couple from NYC, Jesse and Brianna La Flair.  Ours truly, Nicole Sanchez, captured the magic of their surf lesson.  It was an incredible morning surf lesson for our newlyweds – 4 foot uncrowded glassy waves rolled in at Guardrails Tuesday morning and gave the couple a fun first surf lesson.  It was challenging, but the couple faced the head high waves with grace and an incredible charge attitude.  I was especially impressed with Brianna’s first ride – it had to be at least a four foot wave.  The high tide created a backwash wave that jacked up their waves riding to shore.  So it made for some exciting rides.

If you’re a couple, newlywed or not, you can still take advantage of our newlywed special that includes Nicole Sanchez as your personal surf photographer.  It’s an amazing way to capture your semi-private surf lesson.

Here’s the top four pics of their surf lesson:

Maui Surf Lessons | Couple Surf Lessons
Dustin using her sand chalkboard during her oceanography 101 section of her land lesson.

Maui Surf Lessons  | Brianna's 1st ride!

Brianna charges a head high wave on her first ever wave!  Look at that SURF STOKE smile!

Dustin Tester | Maui Surfer Girls | Maui Surf Lessons | Dustin off da lip

Dustin’s “instructor show off” wave.  Floaters like these are taught at her 2nd class with her students…

Dustin's longboard launch

Dustin’s longboard launch off the backwash.

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