Our New Camp Mascots - Maui Surfer Girls

Our New Camp Mascots

Welcome to the MSG o’hana, our two new camp mascots…

Introducing Kilo:                                   &  Derby:

Kilo Blog Shot
Derby Blog


Derby & Kilo are two peas in a pod:

Kilo Derby Blog

For the past month I’ve been searching the pound for a puppy to become our MSG camp mascot this summer alongside Tanner, surf instructor Mel’s dog…As fate would have it, I stubbled upon these adorable kittens.  I couldn’t pass them up.  I know the perfect puppy will walk into our lives when the time is right.  For now, these two are non-stop entertainment and snuggles.  As far as their names, “Kilo” means “Seer or Mystic” in Hawaiian — he’s the boy & the girl, “Derby” was named in honor of our new Maui Roller Derby Girls – Maui’s first roller derby league.  Not to mention, she’s full of piss and vinegar and would shred on a shortboard if she could!

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