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New Year’s Resolutions – Surfer Girl Style!

New Year’s Resolutions – Surfer Girl Style!

Happy New Year! 

Still stuck on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? We taken some of the most classic, tried and true resolutions and put a bit of a surfer-girl spin on them. And a huge mahalo to our instructor Kelly Potts (she’s also a model!) for being our inspiration for this series and allowing us to raid your portfolio!

1. Watch More Sunsets

Or sunrises, count the stars, gaze at the moon… Just get out into nature and enjoy! While some of us (cough- our instructors) get to enjoy being the ocean every day, others of us live within walking distance of the beach and don’t even get down to see it! We resolve to get out into nature more in 2016! (top photo)

2. Hang More Toes

You don’t have to be perfect at everything that you do, but set some small, managable goals for yourself for this year!  Hanging one toe today? Aim for two for your next surf session.  By the end of the year, maybe you’ll be hanging ten!

New Years Resolution - hang ten - Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl


3. Get Stronger

We don’t mean go to the gym (but that would be ok!), we mean stronger in every way! Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… be a strong surfer girl (or guy) and be in charge of your own destiny!

New Years Resolution -- Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl


4. Go Somewhere Amazing

Have you always dreamed of going somewhere exotic? Make 2016 the year! (not sure where to go?  You can join us at surf camp in Mexico in March or on Maui in June!) Of course, if you don’t have the funds for an international trip, there may be somewhere just in the next town that you haven’t discovered yet. Or just get in the car and drive!  Even living on Maui, where if you drive for four hours you will just end up back home, there are always new adventures to be found!

New Years Resolution -go somewhere amazing - Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl


5. Be Brave

It’s healthy to scare yourself every once in a while (but please be safe about it!) Challenge yourself to get out there in waves that are just a bit over your typical size!  You may just surprise yourself!

New Years Resolution -be brave - Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl


6. Spend Time with Friends

Resolve to spend more time with your friends! Put it on your calendar and your to-do list.  We are all so busy with jobs, family, hectic schedules, but this year we commit to call our friends up to go surfing, meet up for a cup of coffee, take a walk in the woods- whatever!  (Camp is really good for friend time, just saying!)

New Years Resolutions - Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl Friends - Surf Camp New Years Resolution - Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl Friends - Surf Camp

7. Slow Down 

And finally, take some time to just enjoy 2016! You don’t have to spend the whole year hanging ten, searching for big waves or going on crazy exotic adventures… just take some time by yourself to relax and recuperate.  You deserve it.

New Years Resolution - slow it down - Kelly Potts - Surfer Girl Friends - Surf Camp

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