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My Surf Camp Experience

We love sharing reviews of our camps and lessons, but Patricia was lucky enough to experience both!!!   If you’ve been thinking about joining us for our daily surf lessons, or one of our women’s camps (now booking for 2020), please check out what Patricia had to say!

“I’ve had the privilege of surfing with Maui Surfer Girls (MSG) at their Women’s Camp, and at semi-private and private lessons. Every experience has been bar none. On the first day of camp, we were asked our goals. Mine was to lay the groundwork to surf on my own and we did just that. Not only did we learn strong foundational skills, we also learned to truly appreciate the fun of surfing.

surf camp experience opening circle

As an unexpected bonus, I met a group of amazing women and experienced the most supportive and accepting community that I never knew I needed. Four of us have already signed up to return to camp next year. Shout out to the amazing instructors / staff: Dustin, KP, Carole, Lucy, Joy, Sue, and Liz. THANK YOU.

women's surf camp group shot
Photo: Krystal Pools


Separately, I was lucky enough to spend an additional week on Maui, post-camp, and decided to take advantage of semi-private / private sessions. During the semi-private session, and recognizing that I had more experience than my friends, I was encouraged take advantage of a head-start with one of our instructors. By the time they had finished their land-lesson, I had caught some quality waves and we rejoined the group. My friends could not speak more highly of their time on the water, and I got excellent one-on-one instruction as well as a great time with my friends. I did get in a few additional one-on-one lessons.


surf camp experience
Surf Camp Coach Kelly Potts directs a camper while surfing along side her. Photo: Krystal Pool


Liz helpfully paired me with instructors that had knowledge of my background so that I could grow as much as I could. This was where things really took off. With five days under my belt, my one-on-one sessions really cemented what I already knew but more importantly, elevated my skills far beyond what I thought I’d be doing on week two. From learning to read waves, to how and where they broke, to the construction of boards, to catching unbroken waves, to (more) advanced pop-ups, to steering, we covered it all.


carole maui surf lesson female surf instructor surf camp experience
Carole cheers on a student during a surf lesson. Photo: Krystal Pools


My instructor often rode alongside me so he could provide detailed feedback and instruction for the next wave. My sessions were exhilarating.


surf camp experience surf lesson maui
Camp Assistant Director Lucy cheers on a camper! Photo: Krystal Pools


To that end: thanks Josh, I could not have asked for a better and more patient coach. I’ve interacted with about 90% of the MSG staff and each and every one of them have enriched my time on Maui. MSG is so different from the many surf schools on the islands and I’ve been to several. Whether it’s camp, group, or private lessons, go MSG!”


surf lesson surf instructor maui
Josh helps a young student during a surf lesson: Photo: Krystal Pools



surfboard carry longboard
Campers work together to carry the surfboards back to the van! Photo: Krystal Pools



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Surf Camp Sponsors

A huge Mahalo to our surf camp Welcome Bag sponsors, Prana and Soley Aloha! 

Thanks to their partnership, each camper received a trucker hat and a headband from Prana, and a sticker and a coozie from Soley Aloha, along with some MSG swag as well!

surf camp welcome bag items



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About Our Women’s Surf Camps

Maui Surfer Girls’ offers a women’s surf camp for ages 18 and up, with a blend of physical activities and relaxation programs.  The company’s focus on women’s empowerment sets it apart from other retreat experiences. “I designed this program for teen girls almost two decades ago,” explained founder Dustin Tester, “but the need for strong females bonding together is now greater than ever. The response to this program has been fantastic, with almost all of our camps selling out this past year.  Whether it’s facing your fears of the ocean, taking your sport to the next level, or just taking a week to reconnect with yourself, there’s something for everyone at this camp.”

Surf camps are open to beginner and intermediate surfers, with the all-female professional surf coaching team helping campers progress their skills each day. Besides surfing, possible activities include whale watching, snorkeling, hiking, yoga and massage. Oceanfront accommodations, professional surf coaching, a quiver of surfboards, three healthy meals a day, on-island transportation including airport transfers are included.  Now booking 5 one-week camps in 2020.  Click here for more information and the 2020 dates. 

About Our Surf Lessons

We are Maui’s only female-owned surf school, and the majority of our instructors are female, but we’ll teach anyone! Our surfing lessons are open to men and women, and children ages 5 and up.

Designed for beginner to intermediate surfers, our quality surfing lessons take place at Ukumehame Beach Park (weather dependent), conveniently located between Kihei and Lahaina, and away from the crowds. Our 4:1 student to instructor ratio (for group lessons) allows for very personalized attention.

Each surf lesson is two hours, and includes a surfboard, rash guard and booties.

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