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Meet the CITs of 2018 Teen Camp!

We are proud to introduce our 4 CITs (counselors in training), currently in training for our two weeks of teen camp starting on Monday!  One of the main goals at our teen surf camp has always been to create opportunities for leadership and personal development. Being selected as a CIT has become more and more competitive through the years, and it is quite an honor to be selected.


Staff Training with Lucy and Tree has begun!


CIT training

Meet Flora!

Meet Flora: 

“I have been a camper twice, in both 2016 and 2017. MSG taught me about the power of girls supporting each other and working together. It has also taught me that if you believe you can do something, you have a better chance of achieving it. I love the MSG community and its ability to empower young girls and bring them together into a family in less than a week.

MSG has deepened my connections with the ocean and surfing. As a CIT I’ll encourage the girls to be their best selves, and learn to love and support their surroundings.”


Kasia Maui Camp Counselor CIT
Meet Kasia

Meet Kasia: 

“Hi! My name is Kasia and I live in Southampton, New York. I just finished my junior year at Southampton High School. I play tennis, lacrosse, and basketball during the school year. In my free time, I love working out and doing anything that involves the ocean. Music is also very important to me, as I am always singing and I enjoy playing piano or my ukulele. 

My favorite part of MSG camp is getting to meet new people from around the world. Every year, I make so many great friends that I still keep in touch with today. MSG has become a major part of my life. I also made life-long friends, like Flora who I talk to every day. I’m also very excited to surf and explore the island! 

I have attended the teen surf camps for the last two summers, which have been the best summers of my life. I learned to face my fears and be more outgoing. Now, outside of camp, it has become so easy for me to meet and talk to new people. As a CIT, I want to help the campers, who are fighting against self-consciousness or any other problems just like I had before camp, feel good about themselves and get out of their comfort zones. I want campers to have the best weeks of their lives.   I will impart my wisdom by welcoming every camper, especially the quieter ones.”

teen camp counselor kasia


Meet Caroline!

Meet Caroline: 

Caroline was a camper in 2016 and is returning for her second year as a CIT. 

“I am a junior at Southampton High School in Southampton, NY.  I hurdle on the track team and I’m also on the soccer team. Right now I’m in training to be an ocean lifeguard this summer.  This year, I am most excited to be able to make close friendships at MSG. I’m glad that I will be there with other CITs for the month who I can get to know super well. I’m also excited of course to surf everyday and help the campers out with whatever they need.”


teen camp counselor Caroline


Meet Clara

Meet Clara:

I attended msg camp for the past two years. I have had great time surfing and having the opportunity to meet new people. I want to be part of msg ‘ohana and help other campers to feel and live the same great experience that i had the past two years in such a wonderful and healthy environment. Msg has help me to know myself better through surf, nature respect and personal relationships. 


More about our CIT Program

The CIT program, which we launched in 2004 is a three week long leadership course, including a one week training program and two weeks of helping run our surf camps. Their responsibilities as a CIT include two important camp roles. They are a “cabin mama” for the 5 campers in their cabin. Additionally, they are a “beach captain” that helps assist their assigned surf instructor with loading boards on our vans and providing encouragement and coaching to the girls in their surf pods. It’s a big job, as the CITs are on both during the day and night with the campers.

The CIT program is also a great work experience to put on a resume or college application. Camp director Dustin has written several college application reference letters for past CITs. She’s proud to say that two past CITs (Molly Ashkenas and Kit Ramgopal) have both gone on to attend Stanford University!  We are proud of every one of our campers and CITs, and each summer we are thrilled to welcome more incredible girls into our MSG family!

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