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Meet our New Surf Instructor

Meet our New Surf Instructor Natalie!

Meet our new surf instructor Natalie! She is from California and grew up snowboarding in Lake Tahoe.

Hear more from Natalie herself about how she came to Maui and started working with Maui Surfer Girls!

I used to come on vacation with my family as a child to Hawaii.  I would sit on the beach and watch the surfers and told myself that one day I am going to move to Hawaii and become a surfer.

I wanted to finish college before I made any moves.  I surfed in California while I was in college but knew that the cold waters were not right for me. Once I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology I quickly bought a one way ticket to Maui.

I did not know anyone when I first moved here.  I chose Hawaii because of its beautiful culture, land and sea.  I am drawn to the love and kindness this island has to offer qnhpgc0.  When I first moved here I did not have a surfboard but would borrow boards and go out on my own as much as I could.  After many wipeouts I finally got the hang of it.  My love for surfing grows everyday. Surfing has made me a better person.  It has made me more humble, patient and loving.  When I teach I get so excited when someone catches a wave because I know the stoked feeling that they are experiencing.



When you book a surf lesson, you can select your preference of instructor!

Click here to meet our team of current surf instructors! 

Maui Surfer Girls offers surf lessons to beginner and intermediate students year-round at our premium location on the island of Maui.  Surf camps for teen girls and women are also offered in the summer and at selected times throughout the year.

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