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Meet Mia and Madison – 2022 Camp CITs!

One of the main goals at our teen surf camp has always been to create opportunities for leadership and personal development.  2022 will be the 19th year of our CIT (counselor in training) Leadership program — over 70 lucky MSG teens have participated through the years! 

Being selected as a CIT has become more and more competitive through the years, and it is quite an honor to be selected.

The responsibilities of a CIT include two important camp roles. They are a “cabin mama” for the campers in their cabin. Additionally, they are a “beach captain” that helps assist their assigned surf instructor with loading boards on our vans and providing encouragement to the girls in their surf pods.  It’s a big job, as the CITs are on both during the day and night with the campers.

Meet the first two CITs here! 

Meet Madison!

Hello everyone, I am Madison Glass, I’m from California and I cannot wait to come back to camp! A little bit about myself, I really love art, writing, photography, my cat (Mouse), and spending a lot of time with my friends!

I live in a super small little country town up in northern California. Being in a small town can be hard sometimes, especially when you know everyone, things start to feel a little cramped lol. I go to Golden Sierra high school and play volleyball. 

One thing about Maui Surfer Girls that I will forever remember and cherish is the boost of confidence you have after leaving camp. I came back home with so much more self love and respect for the life around me and how many amazing opportunities there really are. It can feel very small when you live in a town like mine, but going there really showed me how there is so much more to the world and so many more amazing people to meet! 

I remember the first time I stood up on a surfboard at Maui Surfer Girls and it was just the most incredible feeling, my surf pod was so amazing and so supportive. My favorite memory was making these bracelets and each bead meant something to you, whether that was a reminder of something or a person in your life and I just thought it was the sweetest thing and I always carry it on me since as a positive little token!

It was such a refreshing experience to be around so many amazing women who were so nonjudgemental and just full of love and I really cannot wait to be back!

Meet Mia! 

Hi! My name is Mia and was born and raised in the suburbs outside Chicago. But I’m currently finishing my first year at Kenyon College in Ohio. I hope to major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, but when I’m not reading or writing I love playing guitar, piano or the ukulele in my free time. I also love baking and discovering new films and music!

I was a camper at Maui Surfer Girls teen camp a couple summers back and ever since then I’ve always wanted to return. One of my favorite memories was hanging with all the girls, CITs, and instructors at Black Rock for a day. We spent the whole time snorkeling, walking around the resort front, and climbing and jumping off of Black Rock into the beautiful clear water. I always look back on the pictures and videos I have from that day and experiences like that make me super excited to be a CIT. I can’t wait to make more Maui memories this summer with new campers!









Being a CIT is the perfect way to give back to a program that sparked a passion in these girls for surfing & being a role model for the younger girls.  

The CIT program is also a great work experience to put on a resume or college application. Camp director Dustin has written several college application reference letters for past CITs.  She’s proud to say that two past CITs ( Molly Ashkenas and Kit Ramgopal) have both gone on to attend Stanford University!


Camp dates and registration will be released in the Fall of 2022.   To be notified, click on the link on the very bottom of this blog post where it says ‘JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER’ to be notified via email when the camp dates are posted.  

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