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Meet Luna – Our Surf Dog

Luna the Surf Dog | Luna Surfs with Dustin | BW
Meet Luna the Surf Dog!!! Luna and I surfing on a glorious morning at “1000 Peaks” – Ukumehame Beach Park


Meet our special member of our Maui Surfer Girls surf family, Luna!  She is truly a one in a million pound puppy rescue that can surf, skateboard, skimboard, stand-up paddle board, and she has even tried kitesurfing!  In November, Luna will have accomplished all this before she turns 3 years old!

She’s a beautiful Lab-Pointer mix that has the perfect blend of a loving, sensitive lab and athletic, smart pointer. I couldn’t be more lucky to have found such an amazing dog at the pound.  Similarily, Luna has to be the luckiest dog in the entire world, to go surfing, hiking, whalewatching year around on this beautiful island of Maui.

Like any dog owner, we always feel like our dog is the best – the most beautiful and talented, the smartest with human-like sensibilities than any dog that has ever graced the planet.  I have to admit, I feel this way about Luna.  I adore her like she’s my only child and best friend.

Luna has front row tickets to most of my surf lessons.  I tell my students that she is my teaching assistant, although she can be very distractable when a sand crab catches her eye.  At the end of my surf lesson Luna shows off her surfing skills and jumps on the surfboard with me.  She’s even started surfing by herself this summer. See for yourself – check out this great clip of her surfing!

Luna Solo Surf Video


I’ve put together a collection of my favorite pictures of our island lifestyle together. By the way, Headline News, Jane Velez featured a picture of Luna and I surfing on her Pet of the Week segment three weeks ago.  This is just the beginning of Luna’s fame.  I’m in the process of writing a children’s book about Luna and all her island adventures.

Here’s some of my favorite pictures I’ve captured through the years.  It was hard to just pick a few, you’ll see why… She’s extremely photogenic 😉  There I go again bragging like a proud mama.



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