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Meet CITs Makayla and Abigail!

Meet CITs Makayla and Abigail!

We are thrilled to introduce our 4 CITs for our teen surf camp 2017!  Meet Bebe and Caroline, and read more about the history of the CIT program by clicking here. 


Abigail Wilson Maui Girl Camp
Meet Abigail!

Abigail Wilson

I was a camper in the summer of 2016 and I’m excited to be returning this year as a CIT!  I am from Milton Georgia and I love to be outside whether its hiking, off roading, wake boarding on the lake, or running. I also love to paint, workout, travel, and use my GoPro!

This summer, I am most looking forward to meeting new people and making memories with amazing people from all around the world. I am also excited to hear more wise words and experiences coming from the surf instructors and everyone at camp. Surfing every morning and being in the sun is another thing I can’t wait for!

abigail wilson maui girl


Makayla Maui Girl
Meet Makayla!

Makayla Marrs 

I went to MSG when I was 12,13 and 14 as a camper. I didn’t attend last year but I come this year as a CIT. I am a born and raised Maui girl and I’m an ocean lover and an artist. I have grown up loving the ocean and all of its amazing treasures it holds. I am currently attending King Kekaulike High school and will be a junior next year. I enjoy going to the Paia Youth & Cultural Center with my friends and going in the water at paia bay and Hookipa. I love to create art and having people enjoy what I paint or draw.

I am most looking forward to the food and afternoon activities this year. I can’t wait to bond with all of my cabin mates and form wonderful friendships with everyone. Also, I will definitely be enjoying the surfing part as well.


Makayla at the Butterfly Effect, Photos Courtesy Peter Swanzy / PYCC
Makayla at the Butterfly Effect, Photos Courtesy Peter Swanzy / PYCC



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