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Meet Camp Staff Shannon, Olivia and Paloma!

In our last blog post (linked here) we introduced two of our CITs (counselors in training) for our upcoming teen summer surf camp.  This week we introduce the other two CITs, plus one of our co-CIT trainers, Shannon! 

Meet Shannon Bode, Co-CIT trainer 

Hi! I am Shannon Bode, Bay Area, CA native (born and raised, Oakland is home), therapist and school counselor. I currently care for 380 high school seniors, my dream career! I actually work at the high school I went to, full circle. I am a nurturer and my teenagers help me maintain my youthful spirit. Kindness is my superpower! I am also the proud mama of a 20-year-old son, he’s a Sophomore at Cal, my Alma Mater. I love the outdoors-camping, hiking, beach time- traveling, reading, Bikram yoga, and creating functional art. I have an 18-year-old leopard gecko, Pluto, who acts like a puppy sometimes. Houseplants are my thing. I study the phases of the moon. Aquarius sun, Cancer rising, Taurus moon, and a Fire Dragon!

I am absolutely thrilled to join Maui Surfer Girls this summer as a Co-CIT Trainer and Afternoon Activity Facilitator. This will be my first experience in this role and the thought of spending so much time surrounded with powerful female energy in one of the most beautiful places on Earth gives me goosebumps. Fun fact: I have never actually surfed before but very much look forward to learning!


Meet Olivia, CIT 

Hey I’m Liv! I’m from Billings Montana! As far as life after high-school goes i’m hoping to go into psychology and become a therapist. 

I love anything art related wether that is music, photography, pottery, costume design or set design. At home i’m involved in Speech and Debate which is my favorite thing in the entire world! This season I even qualified for the national tournament in Louisville Kentucky!  I 10/10 would recommend trying speech and debate once in your life if you have the opportunity! 

My family and I have been going to maui since I was young, however in October of 2021 I took my first surf lessons with Maui Surfer Girls and had a blast! I later found out about MSG girls camp and decided to attend that summer. Camp completely changed my life for the better. I met new friends from all over the country. I also grew to love myself and others better because of the skills I learned at camp. I’m so excited to be back and to be able to pass on the legacy of growth at MSG camp to others! 



Meet Paloma, CIT

Hi, I’m Paloma! I’m a junior majoring in physics and minoring in visual arts at UC Santa Barbara. I enjoy learning about astronomy and cosmology, or anything to do with space! Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes: I always like to keep a sketchbook on hand to doodle whatever pops into my head! I love being outdoors, whether it be out on the water surfing, or on land hiking my favorite trails!

Every maui surfer girls trip I’ve attended has always felt like a new adventure. I love Maui’s natural beauty, so one of my favorite experiences at surf camp was the bamboo forest on The Road to Hana. The hike through the very dense forest is beautiful, and reaching the waterfall at the end of the trail makes a wonderful destination! (And a great spot for photos!) As a CIT, I want to show other girls the beauty of Maui that I experienced, and share a new adventure with them!

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