Maui Surfer Girls - Summer 2008 Action Photos - Maui Surfer Girls
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Maui Surfer Girls – Summer 2008 Action Photos

These photos really capture the true bliss of surfing a wave – that surf stoke that binds all surfers worldwide!

And to the Maui Surfer Girls worldwide – your beauty and grace continues to astonish me!  Take this summer’s surf camp experience with you forever & shine the aloha spirit into all the people and places you will touch in your life!

Big shout out of thanks to Nicole Sanchez of Behind The Lens Maui
for providing us with these  AMAZING photos.  Once again she ups the
antie on surf lifestyle photography.  I think you’ll agree when you
check out these shots!  If any of you ladies from camp haven’t ordered
any shots from her, you should!  These are just my personal favorites,
but there’s many more if you don’t see yourself in here.  Enjoy the slideshow and share it with your friends and family!

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