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Maui Surfer Girls of the Month of April

There’s two MSG’s that deserve to be recognized this month:  Stephanie Nelson & Crystal Murray.

They’ve been surfing with our local instructor, Melissa Simons, for the past six months for two days a week!  It’s this kind of dedication that makes an incredible surfer girl.  I joined them back in October during a stormy day at Paia bay.  Stephanie and Crystal were not afraid to charge those mushy balls of foam rollin’ in.  Wave after wave they presevered.  I wish we had a photo of that day.  We will have to save that image for a future post…we’ll get our photographer Nicole on tha!

Way to go Stephanie and Crystal…for keeping the stoke alive here on Maui after the camp!  And a big shout out to Melissa for mentoring and coaching the girls out in some challenging surf!

Stephanie Nelson Paddle

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