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Maui Surfer Girls Love Travel Writers!

Over the past several years, we’ve been honored to have hosted several travel writers and bloggers visiting Maui, so we wanted to share some of our favorite blog posts, with some fun snippets.

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Each corresponding image courtesy of respective blogger. 

Travel Mamas – Mid-Life Crisis in Maui

Travel Mamas Blog
Catching some waves

As I waited for my first wave with Dustin behind me, shouting at me to paddle, self-doubt swirled in my head. I questioned what in the world I was doing out here. Hadn’t I already attempted surfing? Wasn’t once enough? What was I trying to prove and to whom?

The wave came and I got up onto my knees instead of pulling myself into a standing position. I chickened out. Then it occurred to me that I was riding the wave on my knees and this didn’t seem so bad—maybe I could do this surfing thing after all. I attempted to stand but I fell ungracefully into the water.

I paddled back out and a few waves later Sharky swam over to me and asked if I was ready to try again. “Yes,” I lied.

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Alex in Wanderland – Catching Waves with Maui Surfer Girls

After practicing a few pop ups on the beach — where you go through the motions of popping into standing position on dry land to build muscle memory — it was time to ride. As we waded out, I confessed to Lucy my dream of really learning to surf someday, and her response was that all it really takes is dedication — and not wussing out on the paddling out part. Of course we were having this conversation just as my arm muscles were beginning to deteriorate into tissue paper and others in the group were taking advantage of tow-assisted paddling from the instructors. Not wanting to reveal my inner whiner quite so quickly, I responded enthusiastically that I absolutely loved upper arm workouts while silently weeping inside.

See how the lesson ends up!

Ott’s World – Becoming a Gnarly Surfer Girl

Ott’s World – Surfing with Luna

I had some doubts. Could they make this 43 year old Midwesterner a surfer girl? As someone growing up in landlocked Peoria, IL – I never really became one with the ocean, it’s waves, currents, or sealife. Therefore, I was nervous about surfing – yet the athletic overachiever in me was pretty stoked to try. I hoped it wasn’t going to be like my failed attempts to learn and love snow skiing.  But I also knew every year that goes by I become a bit more fearful and uncoordinated – so I better tackle this now!

Then I looked over and saw that Dustin’s dog, Luna, was on a surf board in the water. If Maui Surfer Girls could teach a dog how to surf, then I had hope! Luna the surfing dog is just one of the many things that make Maui Surfer Girls unique. The MSG mission is to “empower girls through the sport of surfing” – and they take this mission seriously. They run surf camps for girls each year where they do more than simply surf – but also focus on building self esteem and confidence for teen girls.

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Prana : Kelly Potts – Maui Surfer Girls

The story of how Kelly Potts joined Maui Surfer Girls

In 2007, I was a guest professional athlete who came to MSG by way of my clothing sponsor at the time. They wanted me to stop by the camp and hang out with the girls for the day. I walked into the campgrounds, played a little volleyball, kicked a soccer ball around, and practiced balancing on the Indo boards. I surfed with, ate food with, and made art with the campers, and honestly did not want to leave.  I really enjoyed what camp was all about, and decided I’d like to work there the following year. Little did I know I’d be an MSG ambassador for the rest of my life.

Read more about Kelly’s experience with Maui Surfer Girls 

Maui Made Blog – How I became a ‘surfer girl’

On the first Monday of camp, I cleared the car seats and kids toys out of my minivan, replaced them with bikinis, beach chairs and lots of sunscreen and headed to my great adventure.  A mere 20 minutes later, as I approached the entrance to Camp Olowalu, I saw a group of surfers already hitting the waves.  “Are those my people?” I wondered.  I was greeted by Lucy, the assistant camp director, who informed me that the waves are “never this good here, in our 15 summers of camp we’ve never been able to surf this wave!” So I dropped my bags in my cabin and grabbed a board to go out and meet the group of women that I would be bonding with over the next 5 days.

Find out how the rest of the camp goes! 

Nicole Darabi – Little Surfer Girl

NIcole Darabi surfs with Kelly Potts (in stripes)

I roped the brides niece into taking a private lesson with me and seriously it was the best thing we could have done. Kelly Potter of Maui Surfer Girls was so chill, it calmed our nerves hearing her words of positivity and encouragement before we even trekked into the water. She explained each movement as if we were doing yoga poses on the surfboard, um hello I can do that I thought to myself. Finally, the moment of truth came. Into the water we went, way, way, WAY out there! Not gonna lie, I was freaking out a little (okay A LOT!) Again, Kelly assured us that we were strong and we could do this.

Find out what happens next!  


Bohemian Trails – Feeling Like a Superhero on Maui

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve always wanted to surf and despite my fear of sharks, I figured Maui was the perfect place to give it a shot. Our instructors for the day were Dustin and “Sharky” of Maui Surfer Girls. While Sharky’s nickname did little to squash my fear of sharks, it didn’t matter because from the moment our lesson began, my nerves were replaced with excitement. After some quick practice on the beach, it was time to hit the waves. Dustin helped me catch my first wave and Sharky was there to drag me back to the water by putting his toe on the top of my board to pull my board along. He later surfed on his head (no joke!)

See how the rest of her lesson went… 

Bohemian Trails – surf’s up!

And a huge mahalo to Maui Visitors Bureau for setting up many of these press trips!


Blogging Disclosure: The author of this blog and the author of Maui Made Blog are indeed one in the same.


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