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Luna Skates For Food

The one and only, Luna – has charmed many hearts with her incredible surfing talents…but these days, she's been perfecting her skateboarding skills through the neighborhood.  I swear she's obsessed with any board she can jump on.

Luna started surfing and stand up paddleboarding at 4 months old, skateboarding at about 5 months old and skimboarding at 6 months old.  We stopped letting her skateboard through the neighbourhood because her piercing puppy barks became a nuisance in the neighborhood.  So after investing in a bark collar, Luna is now silenced and has been skating with me through the streets of Waikapu Gardens for excersize and enjoyment.  

As a surf coach, I love watching my students progress in the sport.  Now with Luna, I can't believe how amazing it's been to help a dog progress in so many board sports.  The other day, we tandem skated a small hill in my neighborhood, banked a turn, and even carved a bit together while sharing the small deck of my skateboard.  When we started skating together, she couldn't stop barking at the wheels and biting the grip tape.  Now she jumps on, like she's hopping onto my surfboard, and hangs 20 on the front of my longboard skateboard. Our afternoon walks just transformed into skateboard sessions…great excersize for Luna, while I get a tow through the neigborhood.

Check out this recent video of us!


Luna's at 5 months old

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