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Lucy Woodward’s State Line Sticker Tags

This blog post is way far overdue!

Back in the fall of 2006, after Lucy Woodward graduated from high school, she decided to ride her bike from her backyard in Southampton New York, to San Diego, California.  When this MSG alumni, now our 2nd year surf instructor, sets her mind on something, she hits the pavement and rides the miles to achieve her goal.  I've witnessed Lucy's tenacity since she attended our surf camp when she was thirteen.  She's never missed a camp in nine straight years and in that time span she went from being a camper to a CIT for two years, then a cabin mama and beach captain for another two years, and now she's our lead surf instructor for the past two years.  I've always said that she's working her way up the corporate ladder at Maui Surfer Girls and will be taking over my job as the camp director someday. 

So when Lucy told me to give her some stickers for her cross-country bike tour, I figured she'd slap a sticker her helmet, bike, and a sign here or there.  Little did I realize the extent of her sticker tag mission…until she sent me these pictures.  See for yourself how amazing Lucy Woodward is…for not only tagging all these state line signs from NY to CA, but to even have the gumption to peddle her way for 2000+ miles in the first place!  Talk about a nationwide guerrilla marketing strategy.  I wonder what those Tennessee folk thought when they saw a Maui Surfer Girls sticker on their state line sign…

Lucy Woodward, our most dedicated & hardcore Maui Surfer Girl – You are a true gem and we all love you!

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