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Lucy Woodward – Prescott College Graduate

On December 19, A Maui Surfer Girls posse rallied to Prescott, Arizona to attend Lucy Woodward's graduation from Prescott College (Dustin's Alma mater). True MSG friendship and loyalty was definitely represented by Molly Askenas, a recent Stanford grad & Mia Sullivan, a recent Pepperdine grad. They road tripped 13 hours – from San Francisco to Prescott to watch their friend graduate that weekend! Now that's love! Gaby Barsotti and her mom also flew in from LA to attend the graduation and visit family in the area. Here's a picture of all of us reunited in the mountaneous desert of Prescott, a far reach from the shores of Maui. Congrats Lucy, Molly, and Mia for being some of our 2010 college graduates.

<a href="http://mauisurfergirls.typepad click here for” style=”display: inline;”>Lucy Woodward - Prescott College Graduate


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2 Responses to “Lucy Woodward – Prescott College Graduate”

  1. Molly

    Way to cut me out of the picture, Dustin! Oh well, big love to you anyways.

  2. Dustin

    oops – my blog did that not me. i’d never intentionlly cut out that priceless molly smile! gonna fix that!

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