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Kiki: January Instructor of the Month

Meet Kiki! Our January Instructor of the Month!

Cristiane “Kiki” Martins is our Brazilian powerhouse, gracing our students and our campers with excellent surf coaching and heartfelt mentorship since 2015.  Her passion for surfing is infectious, and she puts even the most hesitant students at ease quickly.  She integrates spirituality and personal growth at our camps and lessons, alongside teaching technical skills for all levels of her students. When she’s not teaching surfing, or spending time with her teenage son and her two rescue dogs, you might see her surfing all the best surf breaks around Maui. She’s one of the island’s best underground women’s surfers in all conditions! And in 2017, she surfed in Australia, Mexico and the Marshall Islands!

Check out some of our recent reviews to read more about Kiki!

Let’s start off with the fact that I am not a confident swimmer and Jaws is in my top three. So worried is an understatement. It was easy to find the meet up and MSG were there on time. I was introduced to Sharky and Kiki. Kiki was giving me my one on one lesson and I could not be more grateful. She was confident, knowledgeable and true of spirit. She talked to me about the ocean and her wisdom and Brazilian accent alleviated all of my fears. She gave me the courage I needed to be able to stand up and ride the waves. She even gave me life lessons while straddling the board waiting for the next set. Kiki is a go to if you decide to do this, though Sharky had his folks up and riding as well. The waters weren’t too crowded, perfect for learning. I highly recommend this outfit.” cmjag77 via TripAdvisor

Kiki is skilled at surfing right next to our students and campers, so she can help you make small adjustments while you are up on the wave!

“I booked a semiprivate lesson for my husband and me during our trip to Maui. Thanks to TripAdvisor, I found Maui Surfer Girls. Our lesson was at 8 am with Kiki. She taught us about the waves, current, how to paddle, and where to orient ourselves on our boards before heading in. She also answered all of our questions throughout the morning. Throughout the session she had very helpful feedback, and we both felt comfortable with her in the water. We were able to stand up and get waves. I’m really happy I booked the semiprivate lesson on this couples trip because it was one of the highlights of our incredible visit to Maui. I can’t recommend this enough!” Mary A via TripAdvisor

Surf Coaches Kiki and Kelly Potts will teach you how to surf, and entertain you on the water!

“We had a surf lesson with Kiki and she was an amazing teacher. Both my daughter & I were able to get up right away thanks to her taking time to not only explain what to do with the board but also how to read the water & understand how the reef effects the surf. These gals at Maui Surfer Girls are a fun and inspiring group of women who truly enjoy sharing their love of the ocean. Hope to see you again sometime!!” Kdflipper95 via TripAdvisor

Surf Coach Kiki (far right) with her pod of women’s campers for the week!

“Kiki was awesome! She taught our 7 and 9 year old how to surf and they had a blast! She also took the time to explain the ocean and waves and how they work and therefore how to get the most out of them. Maui Surfer Girls also will adjust the location for surfing based on the weather and the waves so the guests can get the most out of their day. I highly recommend Maui Surfer Girls!!! It was one of the highlights of our trip.” R5669IZmarks via TripAdvisor

Kiki Surfs at Sandpiles

“This is literally the first review I have ever written about anything, but because I have been reminiscing about my lesson yesterday I felt compelled to write. They were very well organized and my instructor was quite brilliant. I had a one on one lesson with KiKi. I told her about my reservations and she proceeded to put my fears at ease by showing me how the ocean works and walking me through the various steps of surfing. Sure enough within two hours I stood up. It wasn’t pretty but it was exhilarating. Kiki’s way with words and her positive vibe/spirit was the calming force I needed. Sharky was great as well, his folks were up and riding as well. World class group that’s worth the time and money.” Mark H via Yelp

Mahalo to Kiki for everything that you have done for Maui Surfer Girls!  Our entire staff, and all of our campers and students are so lucky that you have joined our team.

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Our Surf Camp Staff: Kiki, Dustin, Gina, Lucy, Kelly


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