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Surf Camp

January Surf Camp Highlights

January women's camp
Photo: Kat Gaskin


At our January surf camp, we take your winter coat, place a lei over your head, and a cold beverage in your hand.

This year, 9 ladies from around the world joined us for a week of surfing, tropical adventures, relaxation and pampering.  Beachside massages, a sunset whale watch, and unbelievable meals prepared by our caterer Joy were just some of the highlights from the magical week.

Mahalo to our camp sponsors prAna, The Salty Pineapple, ‘Au ‘Au Hawaii, Aloha Aid, The Hawaii Mermaid and Lilly Pulitzer for providing amazing items for our welcome bags!


Our March Surf Camp, starting next week, is SOLD OUT, but there are TWO opportunities to join our surf camp in June!  Click here to sign up for our June Camps. 

January surf camp welcome bags
Mahalo to all of our Camp Sponsors for all the goodies for our campers’ welcome bags!

Watch this video to see what the surfing looks like, and scroll down to see some of our favorite photos from our Winter Camp!

Camper Testimonials:

What makes this camp special?  Where to start? It’s an opportunity to carve out personal time and focus on a shared experience, on a beautiful island, with a group of supportive women, including ‘campers’ and the Maui Surfer Girls team of instructors and staff.


 I was actually surprised that even when I was catching my own waves, the instructors would often give me feedback because I didn’t know they were watching at the time. They obviously have great attention to detail and make sure we’re all getting to where we want to be in terms of surfing.

Photo: Island Dream Productions



Wow! The meals refueled me perfectly. They were filling yet I felt like everything was natural and nutritious. I really enjoyed all of the fresh fruit and veggies she incorporated with every meal (even fried chicken!) Chef Joy was one of the reasons I came back to camp!


joy chef salad maui vegetarian meals
Photo: Kat Gaskin



When did you last spend a full week outdoors, in the sun and water? When you were a kid at summer camp? The food at this camp will push away all memories of taco Tuesday and ‘kitchen-sink’ spaghetti.

Joy’s detail to each and every meal and snack is one of the big reasons why we have so many returning campers in 2018!



 Who should attend this camp?

Women of any age, who:

– are seeking a personal challenge, both physical and mental

– love being in the ocean…or would like to have greater level of comfort being in the ocean

– are open to meeting new people through a shared experience

– are able to ‘let go’ of some of their usual personal control and routines, and to follow the camp ‘flow’

– want the experience of a lifetime

Acclimating back to the cold and drudgery has been hard. The memories of a week of surfing with such an amazing  group has kept me sane.



All that great food Joy fed us was like medicine. I thought I would be sore after a week of paddling.



I am definitely having withdrawals and wishing I was back in Maui. Came back to a hectic work week and only gonna get busier with the months ahead. Needless to say, that vacation was my saving grace.

I can probably talk all day about why this camp is so special, but I think it really comes down to the environment that the staff and instructors create. Everyone has different goals, but somehow it feels like all of the campers get into the same mindset. That mindset is to support each other and learn to empathize with each other while accepting support and using it to push ourselves. Maybe it’s to get to next level in surfing (or other things).

Photo: Island Dream Productions
Who should attend camp? EVERYONE!
But honestly, anyone who has thought that surfing is something they would like to do, as well as anyone who feels they want to receive some healing from the ocean. The first time I attended, there was so much to take in that I didn’t even notice how much being in and near the ocean had affected me. The second time, it really felt like I had taken the time to visit the ocean similar to the way I would visit my grandmother whenever I had the chance, and at the end of it, I felt like I had learned from someone so much wiser than myself.



Our Opening Circle On The Water Ceremony is always a highlight of Day 1. Photo: Kat Gaskin 


Bond with some amazing women during your Surf Camp! Photo: Kat gaskin  Kat Gaskin enjoying the view from Olowalu!  Kat Gaskin  Mahalo to Lilly Pulitzer for sending over these gorgeous packable beach bags for all the campers and staff!  Photo: Kat Gaskin  Mahalo to Kat Gaskin and The Salty Pineapple for providing these coffee mugs for camp! Photo: Kat GASKIN Stephanie and Kat enjoying a little down time between sets! Camp staffers: Lucy, Kelly and Gina! Surf Dog Luna loves to surf with the women’s camp! Gina and Kelly going over the schedule for the week At our opening circle, everyone introduces themselves! Our Camp Director Dustin Tester at Opening Circle Monday Morning ‘Board Meetings’

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