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Inspirational Women of Instagram

While researching if anyone else has already compiled a similar list, I could only find two categories of ‘Women to Follow’ lists –  Sexiest or Fittest. There’s nothing wrong with being sexy or fit, we just don’t want our Instagram feed full of booties or gym shots.  We are looking for truly inspirational women.

We want to be inspired each time we check Instagram (even as we attempt to figure out what these ‘stories’ are all about…) We love watching these strong women overcome their challenges, live their dreams, and inspire other women to do the same.

In no particular order, here are our Eight Inspirational Women of Instagram

Bethany Hamilton @bethanyhamilton

Everyone already knows Bethany’s inspirational story, what she has survived is more than any of us could even fathom, but her daily doses of optimism (and cuteness!) keep us following her faithfully. From pics of her shredding the waves to her adorable baby boy (and even some darling puppies!), she lights up our days.


Liz Clarke @captainlizclark

If you’ve ever wanted to give up on living on land, and trade it all in for a life on the ocean, sailing from one uncrowded surf break to the next, follow Captain Liz Clark. We recommend checking out Liz’s website as well, her backstory is fascinating. Here’s a teaser from her bio to give you a taste:
I learned to sail at seven years old in San Diego, California on a little red sailing dinghy. At ten, I completed a 5,000-mile, 6-month cruise in Mexico with my family on our sailboat, The Endless Summer…. Two things were clear when we returned to San Diego in 1990: I wanted to protect the natural world from human destruction and, one day, I wanted to be the captain of my own sailboat.


Kimi Werner @kimi_swimmy

I was hooked by Kimi Werner’s TED talk at TEDxMaui, where her talk about needing to slow down just when you think you should speed up, has just stayed with me. Originally from Maui, Kimi has been traveling the world as a professional free diver and spear fisherwoman.  She’s spreading her inspirational messages around the world as a Patagonia ambassador, but you can follow her right from your phone.


Kat Gaskin/ Salty Pineapple @katgaskin 

There’s a special place in our hearts for Kat Gaskin, who was our social media ambassador at this summer’s women’s surf camp, but Kat is an inspiration to the over 42K people who follow her on Instagram. Her photos are beautiful, but its her message about living your dream that resonates so deeply:
In 2012, I quit my unfulfilling desk job to pursue my dreams of becoming a freelance designer. Now, I work 100% remotely and call the world my office.
She even shares her best tips in her free e-book 12 Powerful Steps to Get your Dream Job.


Kelly Potts @kellypottssurfer

We just can’t say enough about Kelly Potts (so we’re glad that she works for us!) Besides being an amazing surf instructor and a beautiful human being, Kelly is passionate about empowering the young women (and even the not-so young) of Maui to get out on the water and get surfing! Even after her travels as a prAna ambassador take her around the world, she’s always excited to get back to Maui to lead another of her free Kelly Clinics.


Tatiana Howard @tatianahoward

It takes a true visionary to start a worldwide event as meaningful as The Butterfly Effect, but to be such a visionary at age of 20 is something that we can admire! Growing up in the waters of Maui, and traveling the world as a professional windsurfer by the age of 16… there is just so much more to Tatiana than her sparkling blue eyes and contagious smile let on!


Malika Dudley @malikadudley

Can you juggle working full time, raising two young kids, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a happy marriage all while sharing your story daily on social media? Well, Malika can. Which is why we love following this meteorologist and former Miss Hawaii on Instagram.  Especially images such as these—> working with the tiny tot in hands!


Kanya Sesser@kanyasesser

As her account says ‘No Legs, No Limits’ and that statement defines this athlete, model and motivational speaker. Just when you are feeling down about life’s little challenges, Kanya’s optimism and beauty are sure to brighten your day.



Did we miss YOUR biggest inspiration? Please add her name and instagram handle to the comment section below! 


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