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How to Pack for Surf Camp

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How to Pack for Camp: Packing for camp for the first time can be slightly overwhelming and quite daunting.  But do not fear, we’ve outlined a few of the important things to bring and added some guidlines for traveling surfer girls.

Guidelines for a Traveling Surfer Girl:

1.  Pack light

If you are traveling to surf, most of the time you’ll be surfing.  If you’re lucky, you will be traveling to a tropical location where all you’ll need is a few bikini’s, a dress or two, and a few shirts and shorts.  Less is more!  The more you pack the more you lug or lose (You can always do laundry 😉

2.  Bring something to share

If you travel far or near, it’s always nice to connect with people you encounter.  A great way to connect is to bring something that represents you, like pictures from home, stickers, a food or treat to share with your new friends.  Or maybe you have a song or talent to share, but whatever it is bring some unique flare.

3.  Know before you go!

It doesn’t hurt to learn about the culture, environment, or customs that you will be visiting.  Be informed.


Top Things to Bring to MSG Surf Camp:

1.  Bathing Suits  (A couple athletic, durable bikini’s and a couple stylish ones)

2.  Rashguard/Surf Pants  – Learning to surf on a soft top can rash your skin, so it’s important to have a rashguard for your arms and surf pants for your legs.  Even if you’re off the softtop, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Here’s a Maui based surf legging company as an example of  Surf Leggings

3.  Bedding –  To help rest your head and have sweet surfer dreams bring a pillow.  MSG provides a bottom sheet, but also pack a lightweight sleeping bag or blanket.

4.  Towels – 2 towels, 1 for fresh showers & 1 for beach.  Sarong’s are a nice addition that are lightweight and easy to pack.

5.  Comfy Clothes –  Lightweight, comfortable shorts and tops are appropriate.  We aren’t a fashion show, but more of a functional, loungy camp environment.  We don’t need to dress to impress at MSG.

6.  Basic Toiletries –  Don’t go overboard, ie.  shampoo, conditioner, suncreen, and body wash is all you really need.  If you don’t pack it, someone else might.  We all share at camp.  We also have opportunities to buy toiletries in Maui.  Pack Light!

7.  Footwear – Basic flipflops for all our everyday activities and 1 pair of tennis shoes for the occasional hike or mystery adventure.  Don’t forget if you’re a first time surfer to Hawaii, we highly recommend bringing booties/surf water shoes. (not heavy duty dive shoes)  Here’s a link to a high quality bootie:  Surf Booties  and affordable: Water Shoes

8.  “Luau Clothes” – After a week of lounging and surfing in our bikini’s, we like to dress up on our closing day Luau.  Bring a nice outfit!

9.  Space in Your Bag – There we be opportunties to shop in our MSG Camp Boutique as well as souveniers for your friends and family, so leave room in your bag to take home goodies.







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