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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

This is one of our favorite posts to put together every year! It’s so exciting to see the new surf gear, discover all the cool things our friends are making, and come up with some creative gifts!  Of course, as a company that focuses on ‘experiences’, we think that experiential gifts are the best, so here are some ideas, both physical and experiential, that will help you and your friends and family get up and get moving!

We’ve interviewed some of our staff and friends to see what they are giving (and hoping to get) this holiday season!  Check out our Top Ten list here!

1. Hawaiian Candy! 

coconut candy from maui hawaii
Who doesn’t love coconut candy and macadamia nuts fresh from Maui! Order yours online today from Hawaiian Heritage Farms!
Gina surfing mermaid halloween maui surf lesson
Gina, dressed up like a mermaid for our Halloween Surf Camp!

“This year everyone on my gift list will be receiving some delicious goodies from Hawaiian Heritage Farms!  They are the best coconut candy and macadamia nuts you can find on Maui! As adults, we often accumulate too much stuff so I prefer to give gifts that can either be handmade or eaten!

Since I am starting my “world tour” pretty soon and taking a temporary retirement to discover the world, I am not looking for anymore material goods in my life, but I am hoping to receive tons of hugs, kisses, and good waves for Christmas. You can follow my journey at   – Gina Mills, Surf School Manager and Surf Instructor


2. Surf Trip!

dustin tester and gina mills on the beach maui
Gina (left) with Dustin

“All I want for Christmas this year is a surf trip to go visit Gina!  We’re trying to line up dates, maybe we’ll meet up at a surf camp in Morocco!  If you have a teenage girl on your list, we have a discount on our summer surf camp if you book it before January 1!  Check out more on our teen camp here.” – Dustin Tester, Founder and Director . Listen to the Her Drive Podcast interview with Dustin here ! 

mentawai surf camp kandui villas
Dustin and Gina’s last surf trip took them all the way to the gorgeous Mentawais!


3. New Wetsuit!


Sirensong Wetsuits – Designed by women right here in Hawaii!
We are so excited that Raye and her family are moving to Maui!


“I really hope Santa brings me a Sirensong Wetsuit! They’re designed by women on Oahu’s North Shore, and they fit better and look prettier than any other suit on the market.” – Raye, currently a Surf Instructor on Oahu, and soon to be a full time Maui Surfer Girl instructor!!! 



4. New Skateboard!

Test the Curfboard on Maui - December 15 & 16!
Surf Instructor and curfboard Team Rider Kiki will be at their Maui demo on December 16th!
Kiki Curfboard
Kiki rides her curfboard down to check the surf!

“The curfboard is a German-made skateboard and in my opinion the greatest surf skate board you can buy. It is low to the ground which gives you stability, the front truck bends on an angle that gives you a surfing sensation and allows you to pump up hill without having to kick to gain speed.  It’s well made, well off course it’s German, and durable. It’s a great core work out and it will help to improve your surf. If you are land locked or the ocean is flat you can still pretty much get your surf fix, at least as close to it as it gets.  Come demo them on Maui later this month! I’ll be at the one in Kihei on December 16! –  Kiki Martins, Surf Instructor and curfboard Team Rider 

Meet Kiki in Kihei on December 16!


5. New Clothes!

prana clothes 2018 2019
Left to Right: Avalone Dress, Showdowner Bomber Jacket, Leda Pant by prAna


prana clothes 2018 2019 winter catalog
Left to Right: prAna Tank, Brion Pant, Showdown Men’s Jacket by prAna


Kelly knee paddle women's surf camp
Kelly Potts

“These are my favorite pieces of clothing in the current prAna line that will be great gift ideas for those who wear clothes! You’ll surely make some Christmas Dreams come true!” – Kelly Potts, Surf Instructor and prAna ambassador.  


6. Bags & Totes!


Liz Smith

“Ever since I got a my first Aloha Collection pouch, I’ve been obsessed with this brand!  I have a growing collection of bags, and this pineapple tote is the next one I hope to find under the Christmas tree!  They are splash-proof, durable and lightweight!” – Liz, Marketing and Surf School Manager 







7. Plastic-Free Travel Kit!

Lucy halloween surfing costume
Lucy, wearing a costume for our Halloween Surf Camp, surfing with Luna

“Working on the ocean as much as I do, I am always looking for ways to reduce single use plastic !  I always travel with a set of silverware and metal straw, and this is a great starter kit to give as a gift for someone to do the same.  Just remember to use them! Keep them somewhere handy and visible.  Once you form that habit it’s easy to use them everywhere. This kit from Changing Tides Foundation, which includes bamboo utensils, a reusable mug, beeswax wraps and more!” – Lucy, surf instructor and surf camp assistant director 




8. A Travel  Towel!

yoga towel travel towel rip wrap
RipWrap Travel Towels come in three beach-inspired designs!
travel towel back
The back of these towels features the choice of Yoga Poses or Strength and Stretch Poses!



We were so excited to get a selection of these RipWrap towels to give away as part of our recent Goodie Bag contest… it’s such an easy gift for anyone that loves yoga or working out! The towels feature beach-inspired patterns on the front and a choice of a yoga series or stretch and strength routine on the back! The absorbent, quick-dry, microfiber fabric has a smooth finish that magically resists sand.

A Velcro-sealed pocket, perfect for your keys, wallet, and even a large smartphone, sits flush against your hip when wrapped around your waist. It folds to a fraction of the size of a comparable terry-cloth towel, making it the perfect packable towel for a trip to the beach, the gym, or your next tropical adventure!





9. A Great Camera!

canon camera zoom lens













female surf instructors maui Victoria Chadsey Carole Berthiaume
Follow along with Victoria’s workouts on her YouTube channel!

“For Christmas I’m hoping for a nice Canon Camera with a zoom lens so I can take cool pictures of my friends surfing and also photos of cool yoga adventures!   I’m giving Local Maui gifts to all my family members back home in Florida and so excited to share the aloha!” – Victoria, surf and yoga instructor, follow along on her YouTube channel here

10. Gifts that aren’t Things!

And finally, we just loved this graphic by @ecowithem_  about alternate gift ideas!


experiences experiential gift ideas creative gift ideas
Think outside the ‘box’ with experiential gift ideas! Courtesy @ecowithem_ on Instagram


BONUS: Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper!

Wrappily eco friendly wrapping paper


We love all the fun prints that come out of Wrappily, plus its wrapping paper that you can feel good about using!  It’s made out of newsprint so it’s recyclable! For some unique (and tropical!) wrapping paper inspiration, check out the recent collaboration with Tara Gray of @ModernMaven and @MiniMavenSocial.  “We don’t know anyone more daring with color, pattern mixing, or a pair of scissors. For us (click here to read the full blog post), she’s shined her light on some unabashedly fun holiday gift wrapping tutorials.”

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