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Girls Surf Camp Maui

Big shout out to all the family and friends of our Maui Surfer Girls 2011 campers!  During this summer's camps, we are planning to share all the fun we are having at camp with all of you…so you can witness all of our incredible experiences at camp.

On opening day this weekend we were greeted by an incredible south swell – making our new campers step up to the challenge of surfing.  And did they ever step up to the challenge.  In this video you'll see what amazing surfers our girls have already become in just the first day.  I'm amazed with the courage and athleticism of our campers this year…and appetites!  I think we blew through 8 lbs of bacon today at our traditional "Breakfast for Dinner" night.  

Check out our highlight video of the first two days of camp.  Thanks to Gen and Lucy for all your hard work putting together this video for the parents and friends of MSG to enjoy!



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