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Early Summer Swell Arrived!

Summer’s south swells have officially arrived!  We are STOKED!  Last weekend, Maui’s south and west shores got pounded with 6-8 footers.  The highway to Lahaina was lined with both tourist and surfers alike rubber necking at the big swell sprayin’ into the highway.  The ocean was packed with SUP’s, long and shortboarders, all sprinkeled across the 8 mile stretch to Lahaina.

On Saturday afternoon I had one of the luckiest sessions I’ve ever had at “Dumps”.  I nailed the building swell just as one shift of surfers came in.  Quickly I tied Luna to a Kiawe tree on higher ground after a set wave surged up the rocks.  I gave her a rind to keep her occupied and paddled out.  Much to my disbelief I realized that there were only 5 guys in the line up.  I also noticed that everyone was waiting (or avoiding) those big bombs rolling in from the point.  I decided to sit on the inside and snag all the smaller waves – which ended up still being overhead.  Like a kid in the candy store, I did laps and indulged in as many waves as I could in the matter of 30 minutes, all the time I had before the birthday parties I had to attend that night.

Here are some of my favorites of that magic session:

Dropping into Spring South Swells.

  Hello Bottom Turn

Dustin tucks into the blue room

Photos By:  Nate Volk at Dumps 3/20/10

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